Training course for multi-core high performance computing

To enhance the SpursEngine™’s hardware environment, Leadtek has not only made WinFast® PxVC1100 compatible with desktop PC but also come up with WinFast® HPVC1100 that works with a Notebook PC.

Based on SpursEngine™’s powerful parallel coding capabilities provided by SDK under Microsoft® Windows and Linux OS, users are able to extend its core application from basic visual effects to advanced system development in many professional fields.

These areas include multiprocessor operating, data mining, parallel coding, multimedia produce, medical application, communication and monitor system operation, financial engineering management, high-speed calculation, and optimized data analysis – and this in many disciplines such as science, material science, medicine, architecture and construction.

Time Agenda Speaker
Program A

Data Transmission and Synchronization between X86 Host and
Multiple SPEs

1. Introduction to SpursEngine and IBM CELL Architecture
2. Multi-thread Programming
3. Multiple SPE Parallel Processing
4. Architecture of 128-bit SPE and DMA Controller
5. SIMD Programming (Part I)

SIMD Programming and Optimization
1. Fundamental optimization methods
2. SIMD programming (Part II)
3. SpursEngine Memory Flow Controller (MFC)
4. Case Study : Gaussian Filter Optimization (gaussian_filter.cpp)
5. Streaming Application (FIFO, Semaphore, and Message Queue)

Dr. Frank Cheng
Program B

1080i Full HD H.264 and MPEG2 Video Codec Programming (6HR)
1. Introduction to H.264 and MPEG2 Video Codec
2. Outline of H.264 and MPEG2 Video Codec Middleware
3. Specifications of Video Codec Middleware
4. How to Use Video Codec Middleware
5. API specifications
6. Sample Program and Labs

Dr. Frank Cheng

Terry Kuan