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Strategies and Achievements
Almost ten years ago Leadtek began its research and quest into bio-technology at a time when the world barely understood the concept. The company set its sights on more modest but very practical ways of improving the human condition.

Plans and Goals
Integration of Leadtek's biotechnology with videophones and IP cameras from the Audio Visual unit all adds up to a Total Health Care Solution. For the elderly, handicapped or terminally ill it means constant and direct contact with doctors or carers. And for an ever more health conscious public there’s the assurance of having all vital body data, from temperature to electro cardiograms, instantly visible on a PDA, IP cam or videophone. Telecoms or Health Management Service Providers are integral parts of Leadtek’s Total Health Care Solution – a perfect combination of communications and medicine. So with Leadtek’s solution Hospitals and Health Institutes are able to take the market to the next level.

Products or Services
The easy Band, Health Baby and Autonomic Nervous System Analyzer are just three such products. Besides, We build up a e-Health management system.

With Easy Band recorded data can be transmitted via a USB dongle to a PC where data is displayed for intensive analysis and evaluation by physicians. Health Baby makes it possible for the user to keep a personal single lead I ECG and body temperature record. The Autonomic Nervous System Analyzer acts as an electronic guardian of your physical condition. Input and store personal data for either electronic transmission via the internet or to print out when required, There’s a graphical user interface and graphical reports with mental and Sympathetic/Parasympathetic balance indices.

Leadtek engineers have also design and built medical applications into standard GVSC videophones and set top boxes- the latter even integrate a special feature for the deaf. We even came up with a Leadtek Anniversary Kit for the Deaf that includes a videophone, set top box, a flashlight, RF vibrator and USB keyboard.

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