Leadtek MY Melody

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Leadtek MY Melody integrates MP3 player, voice recorder, USB flash drive and language learning features. B uilt-in rechargeable battery saves on the added expense of purchasing batteries. It is the most convenient portable music player and storage to fill up with your favorite MP3 files or save files.
Slim and lightest design:
The ergonomic and slim design easy plug into ultra-slim notebook.
Rechargeable built-in battery:
Non-volatile, high efficiency, and environmentally safe.
Easy-to-use control pane:
Friendly and intuitive buttons and the rotating shuttle interface drastically simplify the operation.
Large backlight Blue LCD:
Large screen LCD display with adjustable blue backlight, simultaneously displays 3 lines of Chinese/English text, supports Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese/English/Japanese track names.

MP3 Functions
Music Format MP3 / WMA
Supports MP3 Sampling frequencies 32~256Kbps
MP3 playback time 11 hours
Signal to Noise Ratio 90db
Repeat modes Repeat, Repeat All, Random, A-->B Repeat Play, Review 10 seconds
Operation Single wheel, easy-to-use control panel
Recording quality 64Kbps
Recording Format WAV / ASF
Recording time WAVE: 8 hours / ASF: 15 hours ( 128MB )
USB Drive
USB standard 1.1
LCD Specifications Graphic (Dot Matrix) LCD with Blue EL
Display song titles Yes
Earphones Yes
USB cable Yes
Software Driver CD Windows 98 SE
Battery Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery
Supported Operating Systems Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP, MacOS9/Linux
Dimensions 97mm (L) x 28mm (W) x 17mm (H)

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