LR8Z02 EasyBand Wireless ECG Transmitter

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EasyBand is a wireless transmitter of single-lead ECG and body temperature for personal use. The device is designed for self-monitoring of users to record a definite period of heart activity and body temperature. Recording is activated manually by the user once discomfort is experienced. Data recorded include timestamp, body temperature, and ECG.

Recorded data can be transmitted via a USB dongle to a PC where data is displayed for intensive analysis and evaluation by physicians.

EasyBand is compact device of 26*28*8.1mm in size and 12g in weight. It can work within 6 meters and up to 48 hours continuously. EasyBand is an ideal device to replace regular event ECG monitor and ECG Holter.



  • HRV analysis (with PC)
  • Heart beat detection
  • Body temperature measurement
  • 2 electrodes (chest)
  • Wireless transmission of data
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Low batter alarm
  • Li-lon battery

Method of Operation



  • Under normal conditions, the R-R should locate within 600-1000 ms.
  • 5-minute HRV: the average value of the HRV data within the measurement time interval; unit: ms.
  • HF(0.150-0.400): represents the activity of the parasympathetic nerves; unit: ln(ms2).
  • LF(0.040-0.150): represents the integral activity of the autonomic nerves; unit: ln(ms2).
  • VLF(0.003-0.040): currently, it is known that this frequency band is related to vasomotion; unit: ln(ms2).
  • LF%(0~100%): represents the activity of sympathetic nerves; unit: %.
  • LF/HF ratio: similar to LF%, it can represent the activity of the sympathetic nerves; unit: ln(ratio).
  • SDNN: standard deviation of the effective R-R intervals

Technologh & Support
If you are not able to solve a problem, please contact your retail seller. You can also contact our technical support personnel by phone or mail, according to the following contact information:
Toll-free service call: +886 (02)82265800#208
18 F 166 Chien-yi Rd., Chung-ho city, Taipei County 23511, Taiwan


ECG signal 1 Lead
Measurement frequency 0.05-40Hz
Sampling rate 256Hz
Measurement range 32°C-43°C
OLED display 128*64 Pixels
Language Chinese and English versions
Dimensions 26*28*8.1(mm)
weight 12g
Power information and charging
This device uses a battery charge for charging, for which the voltage is 3 volts DC. It is recommended to charge the device for 3 hours upon initial use to fully charge the battery.

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