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Coporate Profile

  • Stock Code : 2465
  • Authorized capital (NTD) : 4,000,000,000
  • Chairman and CEO : K. S. Lu
  • Publish Listed in TSE : 2001/9/19
  • Spokesman / Special Assistant to CEO : Michael Yang
  • Paid-in capital (NTD) : 589,460,310
  • Paid-in capital (Number of Shares) : 58,946,031
Competitive Edge

Founded in 1986, LEADTEK Research Inc. is headquartered in Taiwan with branches in China and Japan. Leadtek is a world-renowned computer and smart medical R&D manufacturer and a long-term partner of NVIDIA. We adhere to the unchanging belief of "research and innovation, quality first" to launch products covering GeForce graphics cards, Quadro graphics cards, AI workstations and servers, AI management software, desktop virtualization Zero Client/Thin Client solutions, and smart medical/health care solutions and big data solutions, etc.

According to the Taiwan Top 2000 ranking published in the 723rd issue of CommonWealth Magazine in 2021, Leadtek ranked 554th in the manufacturing industry in 2020, a significant improvement of 89 places from the previous year; the ranking in "Computer Peripheral and Components Category" also rose to the 68th place in the same year, continuously improving for 4 consecutive years, which is a remarkable achievement.

In the field of GPU and cloud services, Leadtek has established world-famous brands: Leadtek and WinFast, which have won many international awards. In recent years, it has successfully assisted academia and companies to build GPU deep learning environments, and was invited to become the designated partner of NVIDIA in China and Taiwan to jointly carry out AI talent training through the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI). In addition to the GPU AI solution for Industry 4.0, Leadtek also cooperated with hospitals and medical research institutes to launch smart medical solutions. As such, it has rich experience in medical image processing and analysis, medical information analysis, and clinical data analysis.

Leadtek has been dedicated to medical and health care since it invested in Wegene Technology in 2000, and has established the amor brand to develop a range of remote care, mobile medical and health IoT products. Wegene’s autonomic nerve analyzer received Taiwan certification in 2004 and obtained mainland China certification in 2008. At present, about 200 hospitals and clinics in Taiwan and the mainland China have introduced Wegene's autonomic nerve analyzer. In 2016, Leadtek developed and launched "isleep well", "iactive well" and other nutritional supplements. Alvital, the world-renowned oximeter brand, joined Leadtek in 2019.

In terms of smart medical applications, Leadtek combines artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technology (AIoT+Medical+Health) to prioritize physical and mental health care, lifestyle tracking and health management solutions, aiming at the applications of life stress, heart vitality, and three high-risk factors such as blood pressure, body weight and blood sugar. Combined with the wearable device amor H2 health band or amor H2 Plus Wearable ECG Recorder and other medical terminal devices, amor Physical and Mental Health Management Platform integrates activity records, sleep records, fatigue index, circulation index, body pressure index, heart rate, electrocardiogram, systolic force, blood pressure, blood oxygen, atrial fibrillation and arteriosclerosis for professional data analysis and AI applications.

amor H2 health band won the 2019 Taiwan Excellence Award and the 2018 APICTA Asia-Pacific Information and Communication Technology Alliance Awards
amor Physical and Mental Health Management Platform won the 2020 Taiwan Excellence Award



Leadtek's product strategy aims at one and the same time to provide specialized products at each user level and to become more and more competitive on the market places. Meanwhile, Leadtek multi-purpose products have found a niche and bloomed in profit oriented markets.

Backed by a highly qualified and experienced R&D team, Leadtek has always been able to provide products that integrate cutting edge technology.

Concurrently, the company is also working hand in hand with research bodies such as Computer and Communications Research Laboratories and Chunghwa Telecom Laboratories and in a strategic alliance with chip vendors such as Intel, NVIDIA, VIA, SiS, 3Dlabs and SiRF.

This permits Leadtek immediate access to new technology the instant they're available. Along with our knowledge in graphics, multimedia, motherboard and communications, all these new technologies add up to our being able to offer each and every user 's total solution.

Leadtek brand names have been known and respected for more than a decade on markets around the world and no other graphics vendors have ever come anywhere near Leadtek's sales performance in East Asia markets.

To provide US clients with more efficient service and support and to stay abreast of all movements and trends on the US market Leadtek operates a country office in California.

Through its industry and consumer based research in the US Leadtek has not only opened up new marketing channels but also enhanced its corporate image on the American market as a company that is dedicated to making the best of the best products "Made in Taiwan."

From R&D and design to manufacture, distribution, service and support, quality control scrupulously follows ISO standards to ensure flawless quality and customer satisfaction - another strategy that won for Leadtek the " Second Good Customer Service Golden Award."

Notwithstanding, there is no let up in the search for a better quality control system to cope with today's ever-changing industrial environment.

And to this end it is not alone to offer the best quality but to express our corporate concern for, and proactive support of, the environment. With this in mind we are taking Leadtek to even great heights with ISO14000 certification.

Words from CEO

Message from the Founder, Chairman and CEO

A Way of Seeing
With a momentous 30th Anniversary year behind us, strong marketing prospects on the horizon in 2007 and a lineup of breath taking new products for home, in car and in office - all part of our Total Multimedia Communication Solution - I find it difficult to be anything else but optimistic.

But it is only through turning all this advanced technology and know how towards the development of a new line of Telecare products that I feel we have come full circle in truly enriching the physical welfare of society.

Also, the restructuring of our operations in North America and Europe, in line with our global marketing strategy will, through a direct factory to client relationship, greatly benefit our distributors and, for the end-users, add up to 'more bang for their bucks.'

Surviving and prospering in today's world calls for some deft and nimble footwork. Leadtek has risen to the challenge.

Let me take this opportunity to wish all our loyal clients and friends a bright and prosperous New Year. And remember: at Leadtek we never call a glass half empty.

Taipei, May 1, 2007


Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental Protection
Stakeholders Area
Stakeholders Degree of interest Communication channels and frequencies
Employee Our company's operating profits all come from product innovation, and employees play the most important role in product innovation. Labour Conference (Quarterly)
Staff Conference (Annual)
Company suggestion box (any time)
Customer With the notion of customer first in mind, our company develops various products and services to help customers achieve success. Phone and Email (Daily)
Customer Satisfaction Survey (Annual)
Customer complaint processing pipeline (irregular)
Supplier Suppliers are important partners for our company's product development and mass production. Supplier audit (irregular)
Complaint mailbox (any time)
Investor Shareholders and investors enable the company's sustainable development through capital investment and participation in corporate governance. Annual General Meeting (every year)
Government We comply with the government's policies and regulations, and have been well guaranteed in terms of market development and foreign investment. Market Observation Post System (any time)
Community Although our company is a for-profit corporation, it also cares about social responsibility and helps disadvantaged groups. Participation in public welfare activities (irregular)

Privacy Policy

By submitting your personal information through Leadtek Research Inc. ( "LEDATEK") website, service, product or software ( "SERVICES"), you hereby give your consent to the handling of your personal data in the manner described in this statement.
This privacy statement is to inform you of our online information practiced and the choices available regarding the collection and use of your personal information via this SERVICES.
You acknowledge and agree that this statement has the same effect as a written consent. By accessing or using this website or providing information to LEADTEK through this SERVICES, you acknowledge that you have reviewed the content of this statement and consent to the practices described in this statement.
Except this statement, LEADTEK might provide different or additional information or terms for specific products, discounts, areas, services, or activities.

Information that LEDATEK collect
When you browse this SERVICES, you don't need to provide specific personal information, only when you wish to do some actions, for example when you sign up for club membership, when you participate in promotions or surveys or when you share product information to friends through e-mail), LEADTEK will require you to submit it. If you do not provide the personal information, your participation may be limited or prohibited.

How LEADTEK use your information (including personal and non-personal)
When you use this SERVICES, LEADTEK may use your information to send important notices, such as communications about purchases and changes to terms, conditions and conditions of LEADTEK. We also use your information to assist LEADTEK develop, deliver and improve LEADTEK's products, services and advertising. We may also process and use your information for internal purposes, such as data analysis and research for improving LEADTEK's services, products and customer communications.
LEADTEK may share your information with agents or contractors of LEADTEK for purposes of performing services for LEADTEK. Except as described in this statement or otherwise as permitted by law, LEADTEK will not disclose your information outside of LEADTEK and its affiliates without your consent.

This SERVICES use cookies, a small data file left in your computer, to allow LEADTEK's server to store or remember specific information. This helps LEADTEK to provide you more personal services. LEADTEK will not use cookies to collect your personal information such as name, e-mail address. If you have any concern, you could change your browser or device preferences to disable all or some cookies functions.

LEADTEK commit to protect the security of your personal information by using industry standard security technologies, such as SSL, for transmission off credit card information or wherever personal information is requires on web, to avoid unauthorized access of your personal information. However, LEADTEK do not guarantee to provide a 100% safe and perfect security on internet.

Your right
You may, at any time, to contact LEADTEK by e-mail (service@leadtek.com) or post mail (18F., No.166, Jian-Yi Rd., Chung-Ho Dist., New Taipei City 23511, Taiwan, R.O.C.) to ask LEADTEK for access, copy, modify, update, stop, or delete your personal information. LEADTEK will reply you and remove your personal information as soon as possible, and LEADTEK may charge you a reasonable handling fee for following your instruction, if any.

Change of this statement
LEADTEK reserve the right to update this statement at any time to reflect changes in its practices, applicable laws or regulations. If LEADTEK update this statement, LEADTEK will annunciate the update version of this statement with a new "effective date" in the end of this statement. For permitted by applicable law, your continued use of the website constitutes your binding acceptance of the updated statement.


Leadtek Taipei
  • Headquarter : 18F., No.166, Jian 1st Rd., Zhonghe Dist., New Taipei City 235603, Taiwan
  • Factory : 2F., No.4, Alley 11, Lane 327, Sec 2, Chung-Shan Rd., Zhonghe Dist., New Taipei City 235602, Taiwan
  • Tel : +886 2 8226 5800
  • Fax : +886 2 8226 5801
  • Web : https://www.leadtek.com
  • Technical Support : service@leadtek.com
Leadtek Japan
Leadtek Shanghai
  • Address : 502C,Block E,No.1978,Lianhua Road, Shanghai, CHINA
  • Web : http://www.leadtek.com.cn
  • Tel : 400 138 8886, +86 21 6406 9880
  • Fax : +86 21 6406 8991
Leadtek Beijing
  • Address : Room B-1207,  Jinyu Jiahua Building, No.9 Shangdi 3rd St., Haidian Distrct, Beijing, CHINA
  • Web : http://www.leadtek.com.cn
  • Tel : +86 10 6296 9664
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1. Financial Information

Quarterly Results :

Q1 Q2 Q3 Annuals
2. Revenue report
Stock Information
  • 台灣證券交易所查詢 ( 股票代碼:2465 )
股利年度 : 110 股東會日期 : 111/6/8
股票股利 現金股利 董監酬勞(元)
股東股利 除權交易日 員工紅利 股東股利
除息交易日 員工紅利總金額
1 - 111/9/1 - - 1 111/9/1 - 2,349,000
Corporate Governance



董事會成員 :
職  稱 姓  名 選任日期 主要學經歷
董事長 盧崑山 109.06.10 海洋大學電子工程學系
董  事 黃欽明 109.06.10 交通大學電子工程學系
董  事 胡秋江 109.06.10 交通大學科技管理博士
董  事 劉克琪 109.06.10 中興大學企研所
獨立董事 何曜宏 109.06.10 美國俄亥俄大學工業系統工程研究所
獨立董事 沈安石 109.06.10 美國愛荷華州立大學統計研究所
獨立董事 劉政 109.06.10 逢甲大學自動控制研究所


1. 審計委員會:

  • (1) 依證交法第十四條之一規定訂定或修正內部控制制度。
  • (2) 內部控制制度有效性之考核。
  • (3) 依證交法第三十六條之一規定訂定或修正取得或處分 資產、從事衍生性商品交易、資金貸與他人、為他人背書或提供保證之重大財務業務行為 之處理程序。
  • (4) 涉及董事自身利害關係之事項。
  • (5) 重大之資產或衍生性商品交易。
  • (6) 重大之資金貸與、背書或提供保證。
  • (7) 募集、發行或私募具有股權性質之有價證券。
  • (8) 簽證會計師之委任、解任或報酬。
  • (9) 財務、會計或內部稽核主管之任免。
  • (10) 由董事長、經理人及會計主管簽名或蓋章之年度財務報告及需經會計師查核簽證之第二季財務報告。
  • (11) 其他公司或主管機關規定之重大事項。

2. 薪資報酬委員會:
薪資報酬委員之職能,係以專業客觀之地位,就本公司董事及經理人之薪資報酬政策及制度予以評估,並向董事會提出建議,以供其決策之參考。 本委員會成員由董事會決議委任之,其人數為三人,由本公司三位獨立董事擔任。本委員會成員之專業資格與獨立性, 符合薪酬委員會職權辦法第五條及第六條之規定。 本委員會至少每年召開二次。


1. 內部稽核主管及人員之配置

姓名 職稱 進入公司年月 擔任稽核年月 學歷 科系
黃律嘉 稽核室經理 94/09 109/02 大學 法律

2. 內部稽核之運作

  • 內部稽核之目的


  • 稽核對象

    公司各組織單位所負責之全部業務以及轉投資持股達 50%以上之子公司全部業務。

  • 內部稽核之作業範圍
    • A. 例行性稽核:


    • B. 專案性稽核:


3. 組織系統

部 門 主要職掌
稽核室 執行內部稽核工作,協助各部門人員各司其職並確定工作有效性,督促各項作業、流程及制度合理化。
總經理室 負責公司整體經營方向之研擬及推動、企業形象之塑造。
管理處 綜理各項人力資源、教育訓練、人事行政業務、總務、勞工安全衛生管理等事宜。
財務處 綜理公司財務資金分析規劃運用、應收帳款管理、股務、一般會計、成本會計、財務報表、預算彙編等事宜。
電腦產品事業處 負責公司電腦產品之行銷及研發事宜。
智慧醫療產品事業處 負責公司醫療產品之行銷及研發事宜。
大數據產品事業處 負責公司大數據產品之行銷及研發事宜。
產品設計中心 負責產品開發、軟硬體技術之提供。
研發工程處 負責各項研發資料及新產品之創意發展與設計。
營運總處 綜理全公司原物料採購、採購策略調整。
品質經營處 統籌公司品質系統之規劃。
Investor Conference
日期 時間 地點 簡報檔案
111/12/14 PM 3:30 101大樓一樓交易所會議室(台北市信義路5段7號) 中文版 | 英文版
110/12/17 PM 3:30 101大樓一樓交易所會議室(台北市信義路5段7號) 中文版 | 英文版
109/12/18 PM 3:30 101大樓一樓交易所會議室(台北市信義路5段7號) 中文版 | 英文版
108/12/20 PM 3:30 101大樓一樓交易所會議室(台北市信義路5段7號) 中文版 | 英文版
107/12/21 PM 3:30 101大樓一樓資訊展示中心(台北市信義路5段7號) 中文版 | 英文版
106/12/19 PM 3:30 101大樓一樓資訊展示中心(台北市信義路5段7號) 中文版 | 英文版
Contact Us


Spokesperson : MichaelYang
+886-2-8226-5800 ext. 201
Acting Spokesperson : Thomas Chen
+886-2-8226-5800 ext. 870

Transfer Agency - Taishin Bank

Corporate Trust Operation and Service Department,
Location : B1., No. 96, Sec. 1, Jianguo N. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104496 , Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Website : http://www.taishinbank.com.tw
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