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With extensive industry experience, Leadtek is a leading provider of GPU-accelerated computer vision AI applications. We specialize in delivering complete software and hardware services for industries seeking NVIDIA GPU parallel computing solutions. Our advanced AIDMS no-code management system enables effortless AI model training, reducing the process to just three days for training verification and seven days for rapid application implementation.

No AI engineers? No problem! Leadtek provides comprehensive AI solutions for successful digital transformation. From image recognition to systems warning , optical inspection, and defect detection in industries like smart manufacturing and healthcare, we've got you covered. Harness the power of AI with Leadtek and transform your business today.

Industrial Application

Intelligent and automated production with flexible manufacturing uses computer/machine vision and artificial intelligence technology to assist in monitoring process quality. It can also be applied to assist in manual production and manufacturing and to warn of deviations from standard operating procedures. It is widely used in semiconductor, automotive, panel, and various precision parts manufacturing.

Real-time image monitoring system combined with artificial intelligence technology can monitor whether the safe flow of people, protective clothing and activity range in the activity space conforms to industrial safety regulations at any time, and provides early warning to notify personnel and operating equipment to avoid industrial safety accidents and effectively improve the safety level.

By using AI computer vision and artificial intelligence technology in medical image analysis, it assists in professional medical symptom diagnosis, provides medical diagnostic recommendations, greatly improves the accuracy and analysis efficiency of pathological analysis and testing, and accelerates the medical industry's realization of precision medicine.

With the vigorous development of cutting-edge technology, the labor force in agriculture, forestry, fishing, and animal husbandry has been greatly reduced. By using AI intelligent image analysis technology to monitor natural resource products in agriculture, forestry, fishing, and animal husbandry, it can help avoid problems such as pest infestations and disease outbreaks, and improve the quality of products.

Smart cities aim to provide citizens with a safe and convenient living environment. Through AI computer vision and artificial intelligence analysis technology, they assist in monitoring urban traffic flow and traffic safety warnings, while also strengthening the tracking of criminal populations to improve the quality of life for citizens.

AI Training Solutions

As a leader in computer vision artificial intelligence technology, Leadtek AIDMS assist enterprise users to accelerate the expansion of AI technology applications, and serve as the best development system for digital transformation.


Computer Vision MLOps Platform – AIDMS
3-Day Training Verification, 7-Day Rapid Application Deployment

AI Technology Applications
The Three Key Factors

Key Features

User Interface

In order to lower the threshold of AI technology application, a friendly user interface (No-Code) is provided, allowing users to easily and quickly start various AI applications

Quick Model Building

Built-in with a variety of mainstream deep learning frameworks and computer vision AI models, providing users with optimized and stable training models, greatly reducing the development environment construction time.

Open Source Model Code

The models pre-loaded in the AIDMS management system are all flexible and open source. Users can develop applications and optimize training models by themselves according to the needs of the case situation.

Embedded IDE Tools

Provide IDE development tools such as VSCode, JupyterLab, and Terminal, allowing engineers to directly develop various applications on the platform.

Resource Management

With the project management structure, it provides system administrator with the allocation of hardware resources according to the project, allowing multiple users to collaborate in development, so as to maximize the use of hardware resources.

Key Functions

Quickly browse all hardware resources

Hardware resource monitoring, real-time access to CPU/RAM/GPU usage.

Image data management

Quickly preview images, annotation, and classes proportion.

Friendly graphical user interface Simplifying AI application development

Users have the flexibility to modify training data, tune model hyperparameters, and review model analysis reports.

AI model management

Users can use optimized and stable model algorithms.

System automation deployments

The deployment service provides group settings in the same type of technical applications.

IDE development interface

VS Code, JupyterLab, or Terminal are viable options for engineers to develop their projects.

Deployment Service

Deploy to the Operating Environment

Inference Device

Inference server
Inference host

Robotic Arms

Automation Equipment

Multi-Node System Management

Permission and Role Management

Provide project and user management functions for single or multiple GPU farms, which is in line with AI project development scenarios.

Provide AI Service Deployment Mode

Provides a deployment function, which can deploy the trained AI model to the edge device to provide a complete detection application.

Centralized Management of Resources

Provide the allocation and management of hardware resources, and give different resources to each project according to the resources required by different AI models.

Resource Monitoring

Real-time resource usage status and historical information are presented through the dashboard interface, and can be used as the basis for hardware specification evaluation.

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