Publish Date : 2019/05/27

Leadtek AI Solutions Fully Upgraded, Storming Computex 2019

Leadtek, a leading brand of global AI solutions, has completely upgraded its AI solution lineup this year, focusing on smart manufacturing, smart healthcare and health ecosystems. A wide array of top AI solutions, VDI products, professional graphics cards, eSports graphics cards and 8K Glasses-Free 3D TV will be on display at the SmartTex AI & Robotics Zone - S0813 booth on the 4th floor of Computex Taipei 2019 Nangang Exhibition Hall 2 for 5 days, which will fully capture the buyer's attention.

WinFast RTX Data Science and Deep Learning Workstation

Leadtek exhibits workstations tailored for AI, data analysis, machine learning and deep learning. Powered by the revolutionary NVIDIA Turing-based Quadro RTX GPU, WinFast RTX Data Science Workstation series leads AI and data science workflows to a new level . Certified by NVIDIA and designed for high-end market, WinFast RTX Data Science Workstation series carry NVIDIA Quadro RTX 8000, RTX 6000 or GV100 professional graphics cards with up to 96 GB GDDR6 memory, and NVIDIA CUDA-X AI software to accelerate deep learning frameworks such as RAPIDS, TensorFlow, PyTorch and Caffe, which can handle the largest data sets and compute-intensive workloads. In addition, to satisfy different demand in each country and assist small and medium-sized enterprises to adopt AI application easily, Leadtek has launched the WinFast RTX Deep Learning Workstation series which is suitable for entry, medium and high-level use. Its high efficiency and stable computing performance are essential tools for data processing and AI model training. With very high compatibility and stability, WinFast workstations series have been extensively tuned for software and hardware development, allowing developers to start AI development as soon as they get the workstation, eliminating the complex works for environment preparation and debugging. Leadtek is NVIDIA DLI partner with NVIDIA officially deep learning instructor certifications and has successfully helped several institutions in manufacturing, medical, research and academic industries to complete AI technical consulting, deployment and AI training. At the same time, Leadtek also launch DLI Workshop to help trainees acquire the official NVIDIA DLI Certificate and cultivate AI talent for the industry.

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Leadtek AI Server Solution Aims at Top Data Centers

This year Leadtek has launched a series of new generation AI server with high flexibility expansion features, allowing users to choose NVIDIA Tesla V100 SXM2 GPU or the new generation of Turing-based GPUs. Designed for large cloud computing data centers, a single server can support up to 16 GPUs and up to 300GB/s bandwidth with NVIDIA NVLink architecture, which helps improve computing performance. In addition to the improvement of computing power, Leadtek exhibited an excellent tool for AI development: DLSS (Deep Learning Server Service), providing professional online customer service, DLSS deep learning development software update service and thoughtful one-click system recovery, serving as the strongest backing for AI developers to boldly unleash AI research and development capabilities, and is favored by national research centers, medical research centers and large enterprises.

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AI Development Environment with Multiple Information Security Protection

AI significantly expands the possibilities for companies and organizations to develop innovations and increase productivity. In order to fully utilize centralized server resources and collaborate and share communication through various networks, organizations must strictly protect all kinds of highly sensitive and confidential information stored in the data center. Leadtek's desktop virtualization solution, which combines Zero Client and Thin/Ultra-Thin Client multi-security protection mechanisms, has emerged to help users efficiently build highly secure AI development environments, such as built-in smart card verification, non-replaceable soldered memory, etc. It is worth mentioning that the PCoIP Zero Client is the only security guardian that has no processor, operating system and driver, hard disk, and cooling fan, which only transmits encrypted pixels rather than data, preventing data and development results from leaking.

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Build Smart Health + Smart Medical + Smart Care Ecosystem with AIoT

Recognized by Taiwan Excellence Award, Leadtek continues to push the limit by introducing two next-generation health bands, amor H2 Pro and amor H2+. Amor H2 Pro inherits all of H2 features and adds eBP index. Different from the traditional sales model that only targets at end users, amor health band also provides a business system solution, including health promotion management services for members of different groups, which can be managed and actions recommended with the use of cloud platform. Amor H2+ is positioned for professional medical use. It has ECG record and AF detection(atrial fibrillation) functions, which is an essential preventive tool for people who care about cardiovascular health.

From the perspective of the overall product development strategy, Leadtek combines artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technology (AIoT + Medical + Health) to provide solutions for operators in smart health, smart healthcare and eco-systems. Demanded by clinics, health centers, hospitals, remote care centers, health maintenance centers, community care bases, corporate workplaces and homes. Leadtek has developed terminal equipments such as DxPatch ECG Electrocardiograph/Phono Recorder, autonomic nerve detector, oximeter, health band, medical band, health station KIOSK and wireless physiological measurer, plus cloud member health management APP, health management platform Web, video diagnosis and treatment platform APP, providing end users with one-stop service of hardware and software cloud and big data, including health examination, disease diagnosis, precision medicine and long-term care. In Taiwan, half of medical centers have been working with Leadtek on smart medical programs; there are successful cases from the initial screening of health examination, outpatient diagnosis, and even to post-discharge remote care. In terms of smart care, it has helped health care institutions, remote areas, and outlying islands to successfully adopt scientific care. Next, Leadtek will replicate Taiwan's experience in mainland China, the United Kingdom, Thailand and other countries.

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The world's best 8K Glasses-Free 3D TV display

Leadtek and partner Stream TV launch new 8K Glasses-Free 3D products that will be announced at Computex Taipei. At the exhibition, StreamTV's proprietary Seecube 3D technology delivers virtually no loss of brightness and resolution, while Seecube 3D technology enables instant conversion, instantly converting 2D or 3D images into Glasses-Free 3D effects, which is easy for consumers to use Seecube 3D technology to instantly convert all TV shows, Blu-Ray, photos, iPad, smart phones, Xbox, PS4 games, or even home videos, set-top boxes and more into stunning Glasses-Free 3D effects, meaning that consumers can fully enjoy the new viewing experience in glasses-free 3D without any restrictions on contents. Leadtek will demonstrate new 8K glasses-free 3D products that fully show consumers the future and potential of the display market.Finally, welcome to Leadtek Booth at Computex Taipei to experience the best technology showcase (Booth# S0813).

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