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Publish Date : 2019/10/03

Leadtek AI Forum Officially Online Join Now And Win The Prizes

Leadtek AI Forum is aimed to be the most professional on-line Forum in AI filed, which is owned by academic professors, industry consultants and GPU deep learning training lecturers who are certified by NVIDIA DLI Institute. No matter you are students, developers or players, we sincerely welcome you to join us to explore:

  • Hot topics discussion covering Machine Learning/Deep Learning Training/AI Inference/GPU Benchmark.
  • AI application demo videos update.
  • NVIDIA DLI Courses news.
  • Leadtek expert to assist you for your AI questions.
  • AI related product launch, webinar training, and seminar announcement.

Limited Time Event:

Are you from Taiwan/Japan/Korea/Thailand/Vietnam/India/Philippines/Malaysia/New Zealand/Australia?
Join Leadtek AI Forum and comment at this post during the event period, get a chance to win big prizes.

Event Period:

The event starts from now to 2019-10-31 23:59:59. Complete following steps A-C and you will be eligible for the lucky draw.

A. Join Leadtek AI Forum Membership (Remember to fill in the company you work for and the country you are from)
B. In the member profile, the "Country” field [From] matches any of the following countries: Taiwan/Japan/Korea/Thailand/Vietnam/India/Philippines/Malaysia/New Zealand/Australia
c. Comment at this post and tell us what AI application you'd like to learn from us.

Draw date:2019-11-01


  • NVIDIA Limited Edition Backpack x3
  • Leadtek Keyboard Wrist Rests Pad x10

Lucky Draw Rules

  • The lucky draw results will be announced on 2019-11-01 in: Leadtek AI Forum and Leadtek GPU fan page
  • The organizer will draw lucky winners from eligible members. Each member will be limited to one chance.
  • Prize delivery time: After the results of the lucky draw are announced, winners please send your shipping address to the email within 10 working days. After the official review by Leadtek, the prizes will be sent to you. Being overdue is deemed to automatically waive the qualification for winning.
  • If participants of this event have any comments on this event and/or the prizes, please submit them before the end date of this event. Otherwise they will be considered to have no objections.
  • When you participate in this event, you agree to accept the rules. If the application documents are fake, or you use malicious computer programs or other ways that obviously violate the fairness of the event, Leadtek reserves the right to revoke the qualification and reclaim the prizes that have been sent. Anyone who forges false documents shall bear the legal responsibility.
  • If there is any delay, loss, error, inability to identify or damage to the prizes sent to the winners due to computer, internet, telephone, technology or anything not attributable to the organizer, the organizer does not bear any legal responsibility. Participants are deemed to have waived their qualifications for the prize and cannot raise objections.
  • Prizes for this event cannot be redeemed for other gifts or exchanged for cash or used as a discount for products.
  • Leadtek Research Inc. has the final right to interpret this event and reserves the right to modify the details of this event or discontinue the event at any time.
  • The prizes of this event are subject to the information published on this website. The organizer reserves the right to replace the prizes with any equivalents.
  • Leadtek will be responsible for all shipping costs. Should tax liability arise, it will be the responsibility of the winner to notify its (their) own Government's relevant tax department. Leadtek and any of its subsidiaries take no responsibility or liability for taxation.