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Publish Date : 2023/05/25

Leadtek Exhibits Metaverse and Smart Ward Solutions at COMPUTEX

Leadtek continues to invest in AI applications and innovations. At COMPUTEX 2023 (Booth: M0503a), it will showcase the integration of artificial intelligence, NVIDIA RTX GPU, NVIDIA-Certified systems, and years of accumulated expertise in professional visual processing technology to create a metaverse, digital twinning, and AI smart manufacturing experiential area. In the field of smart healthcare, Leadtek has been developing intelligent healthcare solutions for over two decades, focusing on wearable medical devices, care equipment, and health platform services. We provide diverse medical solutions and personalized home health management, striving to become a leading comprehensive healthcare service provider.

The Shortest Path Linking Metaverse and Digital Twins - NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise

As the most powerful tool for building the metaverse, NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise provides users with an advanced 3D design collaboration environment, breaking software barriers and enabling teams from different fields to collaborate on the same file in real-time for 3D design, simulation, and rendering. This allows for the rapid generation of highly realistic virtual scenes and characters while reducing downtime and production costs. In terms of applications, whether it's creating entertainment virtual worlds or next-generation smart factories, Omniverse is transforming the way architecture, construction, operations, media, entertainment, and manufacturing industries approach design and simulation.

Leadtek is the authorized distributor of NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise in specified APAC territories. To enable more businesses to experience the powerful capabilities of Omniverse, Leadtek has created a digital twin real-time interactive experience zone at COMPUTEX featuring NVIDIA-Certified systems and NVIDIA RTX Ada Lovelace professional graphics cards. Users can quickly connect with digital twinning characters using Machinima, allowing direct manipulation of virtual characters through physical gestures without the need for any sensors or motion-capture suits, thus enabling the rapid creation of diverse digital content.

AIDMS AI Visual Technology Leads Smart Manufacturing into a New Era

Leadtek's AIDMS leverages AI visual technology to create a new AI transformation model, characterized by its ability to unlock the potential of enterprise professionals and reduce development time and costs. With AIDMS, an enterprise's expert team can focus on core technology development without spending excessive time on the tedious setup and management of AI development environments. This liberation enables professionals to better utilize their expertise, create more added value, and improve work efficiency. In terms of applications, AIDMS can be implemented in various fields such as semiconductor, advanced packaging, intelligent manufacturing, as well as security monitoring, smart healthcare, smart agriculture, and traffic safety.

AIDMS has multiple features and possesses the capability to support heterogeneous system edge computing. It can simultaneously support Ubuntu and Windows operating systems, as well as multiple programming languages such as C#, C++, and Python, greatly expanding the flexibility of client applications. Addressing the common challenges faced by many enterprises in model retraining and hardware resource management, Leadtek combines AI visual technology with containerization technology to provide rapid application tools, enabling online system automation deployment and uninterrupted continuous production capacity. Additionally, users can optimize the utilization of hardware resources, including GPUs, through the management platform, maximizing resource utilization.

What's most surprising is that AIDMS provides complete access to the model's source code, allowing users to customize and modify the model algorithms according to their image prediction needs. This enables faster and more accurate data predictions. Additionally, Leadtek's AI team continuously conducts research and introduces the latest AI models, supporting customers in keeping up with the latest developments in AI technology. Feel free to visit the Leadtek booth to learn more about AIDMS.

The next-generation Trusted Zero Client technology

Customers with the highest security requirements and performance-driven mindset, from some of the largest government agencies to media and entertainment professionals in the world, have relied on PCoIP® Zero Clients and PCoIP protocol for over 15 years. PC-over-IP (PCoIP) technology delivers a secure, high-definition and highly responsive experience to remote desktops. The next-generation Trusted Zero Client technology builds on that solid foundation, bringing the very best in remoting security and PCoIP Ultra performance to help IT integrate Zero Trust architecture into their digital workspaces environment. All are managed through the management tool that has been integrated with the Anyware Trust Center, which is a zero trust policy engine that validates access behavior continuously to enable secure trusted connections and creates security policies for trusted devices.

People-Oriented, Patient-Centered - Leadtek Smart Ward System

Leadtek showcases its AI smart ward solution for the first time, combined with the new medical device H3 Plus Patch, a wearable ECG and heart sound recorder. This solution not only enables the collection and integration of ECG/phonocardiogram data for monitoring in the war room, but also incorporates AI modules to provide risk indicators for early warnings. In environments with limited healthcare personnel, it offers a next-generation intelligent ward solution. Manager Terry Guan from Leadtek's Smart Healthcare Business Division shares, 'During the development process, we considered the limitations of traditional monitoring devices such as measurement cables, power cords, and bulky sizes, which often resulted in poor user-friendliness, discomfort, and a lack of dignity during application. The new generation wearable medical solution focuses on people, with patients at the center. It features dedicated cables that balance comfort and convenience, and personalized design that allows patients to transmit their recorded data to computers for analysis. It also helps hospitals/care institutions by providing real-time monitoring and AI risk indicators, achieving a smart monitoring solution that benefits hospital management, healthcare providers, and patients simultaneously.

Sleep Issues Can Be Screened Quickly - Home-based Wearable Blood Oxygen Monitor

In recent years, sleep issues have gained increasing attention and insufficient sleep has become a global public concern, regardless of geographical location. In response to this, Leadtek's professional technical team has developed a wearable blood oxygen monitoring device. With its lightweight and portable design, it has revolutionized the monitoring process, eliminating the need to spend a night in a sleep center. Now, individuals can comfortably and naturally collect sleep data in the comfort of their own homes. The home monitoring process aligns with daily lifestyle patterns, resulting in more accurate test results. The wearable oximeter can be connected to mobile devices and the amor Health Cloud, enabling the generation of sleep analysis reports comparable to those from medical centers. These reports include autonomic nervous system SDNN and RMSSD monitoring data, which can cross-evaluate sleep quality and provide doctors with diagnostic criteria for treatment decisions. For individuals with conditions such as sleep apnea, severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and confirmed cases of COVID-19, it provides continuous tracking and monitoring of blood oxygen levels. It is expected to bring relief to a large number of potential individuals suffering from insomnia, sleep apnea, and other sleep disorders, serving as a rapid screening tool for sleep problem analysis.

Leadtek Smart Healthcare Ecosystem is Maturing

Leadtek's medical ecosystem encompasses various fields, including wearable medical devices and the amor body and mind health management platform, which has been recognized with the Taiwan Excellence Award. Built on a healthcare IoT system architecture, the ecosystem provides readily integrated products for leasing and immediate use. It also allows for data integration with major hospitals or health management operators' information systems, thereby accelerating implementation. Currently, dozens of medical institutions and national health research units have adopted Leadtek's ecosystem, leveraging it as a powerful tool for telemedicine and postoperative monitoring.