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Publish Date : 2023/06/18

Leadtek Unveils Exciting AI Solutions at COMPUTEX 2023

COMPUTEX 2023 was held for 4 days starting from May 30th,2023.

Leadtek showcased NVIDIA Omniverse™ Enterprise, which stood out in the '2023 COMPUTEX Best Choice Award for Metaverse and XR Applications' category. This impressive NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise platform is built on the Universal Scene Description (USD) and is a GPU-driven scalable development platform for 3D development applications required in multimedia and industrial digitalization.

At the Leadtek booth, visitors not only had the opportunity to easily achieve audio-to-animation conversion with Audio2Face but also experienced the powerful digital animation creation tool, Machinima, which allows users to create and manipulate character animations in a virtual environment.

NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise is leading the transformation in the multimedia and industrial sectors. With features such as digital twin models that accurately reflect real-world physics and remote collaboration, it revolutionizes workflows and provides creators with faster, more precise, and stunning creative experiences.

Leadtek also exhibited the eye-catching NVIDIA RTX Ada Lovelace professional graphics cards and WinFast GeForce graphics cards, bringing unprecedented creativity and entertainment to professional users and gamers.

The NVIDIA RTX Ada Lovelace professional graphics card offers outstanding performance and visual effects to professional designers, architects, and creative professionals. Whether it's AI visual computing, 3D modeling, or video editing, the professional graphics card can quickly and accurately handle complex graphics and computing tasks.

The WinFast GeForce graphics card provides ultimate gaming visual quality and smooth gaming experiences in the gaming and entertainment field, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in realistic game worlds.

In the field of smart healthcare, Leadtek showcased the latest medical device, the H3 Plus Patch, a wearable electrocardiogram and heart sound recorder. It is the first of its kind to record both heart sounds and lung sounds and generate corresponding reports. Integrated with a command center monitoring application, it can provide added value through AI modules that generate risk indicators for early warning. In healthcare environments where there is a shortage of medical staff, it offers a solution for the next generation of smart wards.

Leadtek made a comeback at COMPUTEX after the lifting of global pandemic restrictions, attracting participants from various countries. We believe that through Leadtek's dedication and efforts, we will create even more astonishing technological advancements, enabling everyone to enjoy a better technology experience.