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Publish Date : 2024/06/04

Leadtek Advances AI Accessibility with Liquid-Cooled AI Systems and AIDMS at COMPUTEX 2024

From June 4 to June 7, Leadtek will showcase a series of liquid-cooled AI workstations and AI servers, along with AIDMS (AI Development Management System), at COMPUTEX 2024. These innovations aim to assist industries in implementing AI, striving to make AI accessible to everyone.

In the past, AI seemed to be the domain of large corporations, requiring expensive equipment and advanced skills. However, with the user-friendly nature of tools like generative AI and the no-code AIDMS platform, anyone can now more easily utilize AI technology, unleashing unlimited possibilities.

(Photo: Leadtek Booth @ COMPUTEX 2024)

Liquid-Cooling Systems for AI Training of Various Scales

The most prominent feature at the Leadtek booth is the AI servers and workstations utilizing D2C liquid-cooling technology. Leadtek's systems support the latest Intel/AMD platforms and PCIe Gen5, with NVIDIA GPU configurations ranging from a single GPU to ten GPUs. These systems are suitable for a variety of scaled accelerated computing and multi-GPU collaborative work, including applications in generative AI, large language model training, digital twins, and the industrial metaverse.

The newly unveiled WinFast Mini AI workstation is designed to democratize AI. It supports up to two high-end NVIDIA RTX GPUs based on the NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture, and features a higher-wattage power supply to prepare for the next generation of NVIDIA GPUs. With liquid-cooling technology, the workstation effectively reduces GPU temperatures and provides a quiet operating environment, making it suitable for use in areas without dedicated large data centers. Combining efficiency, quiet operation, and flexibility in one unit, the WinFast Mini AI workstation is poised to be the killer AI workstation for the widespread adoption of AI.

(Photo: Leadtek WinFast Mini AI workstation)

The WS2050L features a 5U rack-mounted tower design with an integrated liquid-cooling system that requires no external liquid-cooling pipes. It can accommodate up to four liquid-cooled NVIDIA RTX GPUs and is equipped with dual 5th-generation Intel Xeon scalable processors, providing up to 128 processor cores. This configuration can be either stood upright in a server room or installed in a server rack, achieving saved space, easy maintenance, and improved management efficiency.

(Photo: Leadtek WS2050L AI Workstation)

The robust 8U HGX AI server is a server combined with a NVIDIA SXM5 H100 8-GPU configuration, suitable for LLM applications. It is equipped with Intel's 5th-generation Xeon scalable processors and upgraded memory to DDR5-5600MHz, with a maximum capacity of 8TB. The network interface supports two 10GbE ports and can also accommodate high-speed network cards, providing high-speed connectivity and excellent network performance.

(Photo: 8U HGX AI server)

The liquid-cooled AI server GS4850T, also showcased, features a 4U form-factor and can house 10 dual-width GPUs. It includes a dual-root system and offers peer-to-peer ultra-efficient GPU data transfer, supporting PCIe 5.0 with a total bandwidth of 128 GB per second.

(Photo: Leadtek GS4850T, liquid-cooled AI server)

Notably, Leadtek provides the Leadtek RTX AI Software Pack and GDMS (GPU Docker Management System) with the highest compatibility for AI systems. This ensures that customers can begin AI application development and manage GPU resources effortlessly without needing additional time to select and configure related NVIDIA libraries, frameworks, drivers, and Docker environments after acquiring the hardware.

MLOps No-Code Platform: The Final Push for AI Implementation

Leadtek's self-developed AIDMS (AI Development Management System) is an MLOps management platform designed for team collaboration from the ground up.

At the Leadtek booth, LumiGood's development team, Superluminal Pirates, shared their journey of AI transformation in the aquaculture industry. Thanks to Leadtek's AIDMS, they went from having no clue how to get started with AI to enjoying the conveniences of the technology in just six short months.

Jesse Chu, Director of Superluminal Pirates, shared: "Taiwan's aquaculture industry ranks 20th in the world, with an annual output value of 30 billion NTD, but still relies on manual fingerling transactions. Seeing an opportunity to help the industry overcome challenges such as labor shortages and a declining birth rate, we launched the LumiGood app. Using AI technology, it addresses issues like visual accuracy, labor shortages, and transaction integrity, helping the aquaculture industry enhance its competitiveness."

Operating LumiGood is very easy—anyone who can take photos with a smartphone can quickly grasp the fingerling count. With each retraining, the AI autonomously learns and further optimizes accuracy. Whether dealing with different sizes or colors of fish or shrimp, LumiGood maintains an accuracy rate of over 97%, successfully addressing the pain points of the aquaculture industry.

Behind this convenient fingerling service is a passionate startup. Superluminal Pirates' team leader, Laputa Sun, added: "For startups, development time is crucial to success. AIDMS exceeded our expectations in improving development speed and significantly reduced development costs and difficulty. In developing the fingerling system, we needed to train a large number of fingerling models. AIDMS helped us reduce the time required to a quarter of what we anticipated. Additionally, the no-code nature of AIDMS lowers the AI threshold, allowing teams new to AI development to skip the cumbersome and complex AI environment setup and coding process, successfully train applicable models, and make adjustments and optimizations based on the results, streamlining the development process."

(Photo: LumiGood's development team, Superluminal Pirates, shared their journey of AI transformation in the aquaculture industry.)

Leadtek will showcase AI hardware covering various AI training scales and AI management software like AIDMS at COMPUTEX 2024 from June 4 to 7, providing robust support for AI implementation across different domains. Additionally, Leadtek's NVIDIA-certified instructors will be available on site to help attendees take the first step toward AI transformation. To learn more about Leadtek's products and collaboration opportunities, visit Booth M1001a, located on the fourth floor of Hall 1 at the Nangang Exhibition Center.

(Photo: Leadtek will showcase AI hardware covering various AI training scales at COMPUTEX from June 4 to 7)