Publish Date : 2011/04/11

Praim signs an agreement to offer Leadtek PCoIP solutions

Taipei, Taiwan, April 1, 2011- Praim acquires the right to supply Leadtek Zero Client – WinFast® VP200 to Italy and the rest of Europe. WinFast® VP200 Zero Client is developed for virtual desktops and oriented to small companies as well as large organizations. WinFast® VP200 is designed to work with a host card attached to a PC or workstation that supports applications for computer simulation, video, animation and three-dimensional graphics.

Leadtek Research Inc. is known globally for cloud computing technology and graphics development. WinFast® VP200 is designed for virtual desktop solution and offers full desktop opportunities even for advanced users. Zero Client does not depend on a specific operation system, provides users with high security, and is easy-to-use and manage. WinFast® VP200 provides users with centralized control of PCs and workstations in data processing centers and also offers an ability to expand quickly and adapt to change easily for personnel working with three-dimensional graphics and HD-media, with full interoperability of USB ports by standard IP networks. Leadtek Zero Client makes the practical integration of all information resources in one data center possible, moves desktop workstations and PCs to a secured location, and provides users with opportunities without any risk for data leakage. WinFast® VP200 Zero Client has earned VMware® ViewTM 4 certification with its outstanding VDI protocol PCoIP® solution and is officially listed on the VMware Thin Client HCL list.

Praim expands its Thin Client portfolio with WinFast® VP200 client/host solution and can provide the excellent PCoIP Zero Client to all customers who want to implement a reduction in the TCO of their IT infrastructure and are interested in an ultra-high performance solution. Praim will distribute WinFast® VP200 solution to customers primarily in Italy and the rest of Europe. “We're looking forward to working closely with Praim,” said Richard Chou, GM of PCBU, Leadtek, adding that, “Praim is an Italian leader of Thin Client solutions. Partnering with Praim, I believe Leadtek will have a strong opportunity to offer its Zero Client solutions in the Italian and European VMware View markets.”

“We are excited to add the Leadtek Zero Client and PCoIP products to the Praim product line along with VMware View solutions,” said Stefano Bonmassar, Product Marketing Manager at Praim, adding that, “the VDI market is expanding and Leadtek WinFast® VP200 Zero Client will allow Praim to offer a high-end PCoIP solution that enables true PC experience over IP. Thanks also to the VP200 host hardware acceleration add-in card, VMware View-managed PCoIP sessions can deliver workstation class performance for professional applications including 3D CAD/CAM, Digital Content Creation and video editing.”

About Leadtek Research Inc.
Founded in 1986, Leadtek Research Inc. is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan with overseas subsidiaries in China and Japan. Leadtek focuses on the design and manufacture of 3D graphics, PCTV solutions, GPS modules and navigation devices, Bluetooth-enabled products, Multimedia and Audio/Video Communications and Bio-technology. Living up to its reputation for reliability, quality and performance based on unrelenting R&D, Leadtek continues to stir the market's imagination, turning new dreams into digital reality with increasingly original high-tech products forged in its laboratories of cutting-edge technology.

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About Praim
Praim is a global vendor of Thin Clients, Print Servers and Printer Interfaces environments, Enterprise Printing Solutions, and Specialized Embedded Systems. With over 670,000 user installations in North America and Europe, the company has established itself over the years as a worldwide leader in the Terminal, Display Stations and Printing Solutions market for IBM Midrange and Mainframe environments. Praim is focused on Thin Client solutions based on, Linux, Windows CE.NET, Windows XP embedded included remote software administration tools. Corporate headquarter is located in Trento, Italy.

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