Publish Date : 2014/03/24

Leadtek WinFast Workstation-Visual virtualization solutions are everywhere

The NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference will be held at the San Jose Convention Center from March 24 to March 27. As a critical strategic partner of NVIDIA, LEADTEK Research Inc. (booth number 631), a world-famous graphics card manufacturer with extensive R&D capabilities, will be showing the WinFast® workstation solution and the NVIDIA GRID™ accelerated cloud structure that features NVIDIA® MaximusTM technology. The company will apply the powerful GPU computing capability of cloud rendering and high efficiency inquiries to the big data of banks, so that visual computing can permeate the cloud!

At this GTC conference, LEADTEK will display the cloud rendering technology based on GPU clusters. This technology caters to the rendering needs of 3D animation movie productions. A cloud rendering service platform based on cloud computing technology can help corporations that engage in 3D digital production to improve the rendering efficiency in CG production and reduce production costs through graphics processing technology and extra-large scale cluster rendering services.

Aside from the application of cloud rendering, another application solution in our display is high efficiency inquiries on the big data of banks. This application is an innovative product in the field of databases. It provides extra-high speed inquiries in databases for the finance and telecom industries. It provides a GPU structure based on large-scale parallel computing that is used to support standard SQL inquiries. It completes large-scale database inquiries with performance that is economical but hundreds of times faster.

We will also display a visual smart query and analysis system for criminal investigation applications that came from Wuhan University. Based on GPU graphical analysis acceleration technology, this system combines case opening, investigation, gathering numbers, converting video data, query and analysis for the requirements of criminal investigations. This system can analyze video recording at a crime scene with accuracy and high efficiency, and obtain clues in a very short space of time. It can then zero in on the suspect and greatly enhance the chances and speed of solving crimes.

LEADTEK also started expanding the market of graphic computing workstations since last year and launched the WinFast WS series graphics workstation, aside from manufacturing professional graphic cards. Integrating NVIDIA Maximus technology and LEADTEK's manufacturing experience in video graphic cards over many years, the WinFast WS graphic workstation is now integrated with the Thin Client/Zero Client developed by LEADTEK in-house and becomes one of the applications of the remote graphic workstation and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). It is deployed in the format of centralized management. The workstation features a built-in remote graphic accelerator. It can then concentrate workstations in the server room. The user logs into remote graphic workstations as a Thin Client/Zero Client, ensuring the security and control of corporate data and reduces investment in hardware and equipment. Additionally, the NVIDIA GRID™ GPU virtualization technology can transfer VDI graphic processing workload to GPUs in a virtual environment for processing. By doing so, managers of the data center can provide unprecedented real experience of the PC level that is rich in graphic content for a larger number of users. For more information, please visit:

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