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To Demonstrate the Strategic Deployment in Healthcare, Gaming and the Cloud, LEADTEK Showcases Its Full Product Line at 2017 COMPUTEX

May 24, 2017, Taipei

At COMPUTEX TAIPEI between May 30 and June 3, 2017, LEADTEK Research Inc. will present rich and diversified products that stretch across three major fields, i.e. entertainment, computation and smart medicine, and bring the latest technologies and exceptional experience of the products to the buyers. In the aspect of entertainment, LEADTEK has just become the official partner of Kingdom Under Fire 2 Online, the epic strategic online game this year. Avid players will be able to enjoy the first-hand experience of this ultra-smooth game at LEADTEK's booth at COMPUTEX. LEADTEK also announces its Viscovery powered Deep Learning Supercomputer which delivers a data transmission rate as high as 80 GB/s, 5~12 times faster than traditional PCI-E interfaces and high-efficiency image recognition technologies. With “Health” and “Safety” for smart healthcare in mind, LEADTEK has invented the world's first wearable electrocardiographs and phonocardiographs recorder, Dxpatch. It also provides all-dimensional products and services for smart healthcare and cloud-hosted telehealth. You are invited to LEADTEK's booth at COMPUTEX and to experience the innovative and high quality product line and services in person.


LEADTEK WinFast graphics card, the official partner of Kingdom Under Fire 2 Online
A sales promotion that combines LEADTEK WinFast GTX series graphics cards that are designed exclusively for avid gamers and the epic masterpiece of Kingdom Under Fire 2 Online will be offered. Based on the new Pascal architecture, GeForce GTX 1080 Series graphics cards not only provide more than three times of performance than the cards of previous generation but also support the latest GPU Boost 3 overclocking technologies. A high frequency of 1809 MHz can be achieved and delivers smoother gaming. WinFast GTX1080 is equipped with three 85mm fans that can take away the heat quickly. It provides higher stability and satisfies the needs of extreme players while pushing the limit of the performance of their graphics cards.

WinFast WS1020 for remote workstations of design and engineering
Integrating two latest-generation NVIDIA Quadro GP100 cards (including NVLink bridge) and LEADTEK PCoIP remote workstation card, WinFast WS1020 is a remote solution that will not add a burden to the CPU or graphics card. This is a territory unreachable by all virtual desktop solutions in the industry. PCoIP transmits only pixels, not data, to each user's PCoIP Zero Client terminal. The confidential design data is therefore still stored safely in the data center in the company. When the working environment is switched to remote desktop architecture, the 3D game designers, animation model creators, movie post-production editors, product design engineers and the like can continue to use their existing high-performance graphics cards and acquire full video editing maneuverability while still enjoying outstanding work efficiency and vivid image quality. Meanwhile, NVIDIA Pascal series professional graphics cards are also available on the market to satisfy the most radical demands of Deep Learning.

WinFast GS4820N, the high performance computing system for Deep Learning research
The WinFast GS4820N server is a super computer equipped with eight NVIDIA Tesla P100 SXM2 GPU accelerators. 80 GB/s data transmission rate, 5~12 times faster than traditional PCI-E interface, can be achieved by the use of advanced NVLink technology. The monster-level high performance computation can provide the capabilities required in learning, observing and emulating all sorts of things in the world and satisfy the needs of Deep Learning researchers. As Viscovery CEO Amos Huang says, “Viscovery has been devoted to developing Video AI technologies for a long time. Our intelligent VDS (Video Discovery Service) is capable of accurately and quickly recognizing and automatically tagging human faces, pictures, words, conversations, motions, scenes and objects in dynamic audio and video contents. In this way, the audio and video data that cannot be used effectively can now be well structured. Viscovery also integrates advertisement platforms and thus delivers advertisement related to the content based on those tags. Besides the patented algorithms and technologies, we are now able to achieve high-precision and efficient recognition by adopting LEADTEK's WinFast GS4820N high performance computing system.”

Dxpatch, the wearable device using phonocardiogram and electrocardiogram coaxial analytical techniques
This year, LEADTEK will unveil its great achievement in smart healthcare and Cloud care. One of them is Dxpatch, the phonocardiogram and electrocardiogram recorder that combines miniature and wireless technologies. It is a medical-grade wearable device that has IP55 rating of water and dust resistance and can be worn 24 hours a day. This product has been certified as a Category II medical equipment in Taiwan and is now officially available for purchase in Taiwan. In addition, the users can upload the health data measured with Dxpatch to the health Cloud platform by using 3G/WiFi network and data encryption technology in order to maintain a complete record of health. Besides clinics and hospitals, the use of Dxpatch can be extended further into home health care of the patients after leaving the hospital. Other applications include health examination for corporate employees, workplace health and safety, health promotion solutions.

Dxpatch uses the electrocardiogram and phonocardiogram coaxial analytical technique introduced from the USA by LEADTEK and its partner, ApoDx Technology, which is developed and designed with the combination of haemodynamics and cardiac electrophysiology. Together with the FDA certified medical software algorithm, this unique electrocardiogram and phonocardiogram detection technology, which is patented in the USA and China, serves as an auxiliary examination for diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases. It not only increases the accuracy of diagnosis of electrocardiograms and phonocardiograms but also reflects the ventricular contraction anomalies in real time. Dxpatch has been under joint clinical study by 20 medical centers in America, Europe and Asia and more than 60 papers about it have been published. It can be applied to the diagnosis of diseases such as cardiac arrhythmia, heart failure, ischemic heart disease, angina pectoris. This product has been certified by TFDA (Taiwan Food and Drug Administration) and is used by many hospitals already.

Deep Learning applications for IoT
LEADTEK has been devoted to the development of Intelligent Video Surveillance Systems for many years. The system incorporates technologies such as video surveillance, video customer service center, intelligent video analytics with Deep Learning, cloud virtualization, indoor positioning. A wider range of applications in addition to security surveillance are also developed. Friendly operation interface and flexible third-party service integration capabilities have successfully overcome the complexity of system planning so that system integrators do not have to worry about the interfacing problems between different products any more.

This year LEADTEK will launch its products at booth A0422 in Hall 1 of Taipei World Trade Center from May 30 to June 3. We sincerely welcome our distinguished guests to experience the innovative designs and supreme quality of LEADTEK products. You can be assured by LEADTEK that you will have a wonderful adventure that is unlike anything else you have had before. For more detailed information about LEADTEK products, please visit


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