Publish Date : 2017/09/27

NVIDIA Announces Partnership with Leadtek on Deep Learning Institute (DLI)

September 27, 2017, Taipei -

In 2017, more than 3,500 developers, executives and entrepreneurs attended GTC China in Beijing. NVIDIA announced that it will be forming a partnership with Leadtek on the Deep Learning Institute (DLI) to offer online training and offline instructor-led workshops. DLI-certified instructors from Leadtek will organize public and closed-door hands-on workshops throughout China on artificial intelligence (AI).

Leadtek Chairman K.S. Lu said: “Our customers now recognize that deep learning will change how they do business on a fundamental level. Deep learning is a critical technology and participation in the training events we co-organize with NVIDIA's DLI is the best way to learn about this technology.”

Greg Estes, Vice President of Developer Marketing, said: “Artificial intelligence is now sweeping through the technological world. Deep learning expertise will become a core skill in an increasing number of fields. NVIDIA's DLI is developing at a fast pace. Tens of thousands of students have already undertaken the courses in this year alone, reflecting the extremely high demand in the market for practical training that can be applied right away.”

Unlike conventional AI courses, DLI will place greater emphasis on the implementation level of AI technology such as getting hands-on experience with “How to train a voice-recognition RNN neural network that uses the TensorFlow framework on AWS.” By using data provided by NVIDIA for training and testing, participants can tap directly into NVIDIA's cloud computing and SDK resources. GPU solutions and cloud services have long been the focus of Leadtek. Numerous academic and research bodies in Taiwan have established GPU deep learning environments with the assistance of Leadtek in recent years. NVIDIA China has now named Leadtek as its partner for supporting the developer framework for a number of deep learning models.

For more information regarding the Leadtek-NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute, please visit the Leadtek website at:

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