Publish Date : 2018/05/31

Leadtek Leading the world with powerful AI Deep Learning Solution at Computex 2018

Leadtek Research Inc. is going to introduce its latest products and services with GPU and AI as the core at Computex 2018, including applications and success cases of AI deep learning solutions, smart medical and health IoT solutions.

Leadtek AI deep learning solutions devoted to Industry 4.0 and Healthcare fields

Leadtek, authorized channel partner of NVIDIA in the Asia-Pacific region, have been focusing on GeForce cards, professional graphics cards and high performance computing products for a very long time. Now, Leadtek has successfully developed powerful AI Deep Learning Solution and established an AI consultant team to provide better professional technical support so that customers can entrust their implementation of AI services to Leadtek without worries. Several companies have already employed Leadtek AI Solution; take the manufacturing industry for example, Leadtek AI Solution helped processing systems learn automatically to achieve smart manufacturing. As for the healthcare industry, the various image analysis performances such as MRI, CT and X-ray can be enhanced, providing the medical personnel and the country with more accurate medical services. The development of AI requires the support of high performance hardware; Leadtek AI server series is equipped with the latest NVIDA GPU that uses the HGX (Hyperscale GPU Accelerator) architecture design and is equipped with NVIDIA NVLink technology to help increase computing performance. Plus, exclusive DLSS services and rich experience in GPU system and AI software integration from Leadtek, makes implementation of AI even easier for enterprises.

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Highly Secure AI Development Environment

Due to the rapid development of AI, enterprises focus more and more on the security for AI development. Leadtek service can create highly secure AI development environments using PCoIP Zero Client, Thin Client and WinFast remote workstation/server, ensuring that there will be no leakage of development results. Leadtek PCoIP Zero Client is the only zero client that does not have a CPU, no operating system, no equipment driver, no hard drive and no cooling fans. In terms of data security, Zero Client only transmits encrypted pixels and not data; everything stored on the computing and storage equipment of the terminal is moved to a safe location with strict protection, fully satisfying the security expectations of development environments by enterprises.

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Leadtek AI workstation and latest graphics technology – Real-Time Style Transfer

Leadtek shows the NVIDIA Quadro GV100 professional graphics card at Computex 2018 that is equipped with 640 Tensor cores and 32GB HBM2 memory. Users can use the new NVIDIA NVLink technology to connect 2 Quadro GV100 to achieve the industry's largest 64GB HBM2 memory capacity and bidirectional data transmission up to 200GB/s. The powerful computing performance will bring innovation for workstations and satisfy various new generation needs including AI, HPC and professional graphics workflows. Also, Leadtek will have the WinFast WS1020 remote workstation equipped with 2 Quadro GV100 on-site to display the latest graphics technology – Real-Time Style Transfer. With the powerful computing of WinFast WS1020, users can use the deep learning technology for CNN and separate content features from content images, as well as extract style features from style images. The two can then be recombined and synthesized using intelligent technology to achieve real-time style transfer effects. The details and style features of the result are almost perfectly blended; it is truly stunning.

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Leadtek smart healthcare systems that include “AI + big data+ Telecare”

The Leadtek Smart Medical and Health IoT Solution includes medical devices with large-scale terminal computing, and added miniaturization, wirelessization, mobilization and AI technology to develop healthcare wearable devices and service platforms that uses cloud computing, expanding product markets from general consumer markets to professional channels such as hospitals and clinics. In terms of planning for healthcare big data and AI, Leadtek will start a cross-hospital heart failure research registration platform for medical centers, and apply technologies including ECG, heart sound and heart rate variability (HRV) monitor on smart medical diagnosis and remote homecare and will also perform large-scale national cross-hospital clinical studies to work towards the goal of becoming a leader for smart heart healthcare. To display the soft and hard strength and success cases of Leadtek on smart heart healthcare, a Smart Medical and Health IoT Solution that includes “AI + big data + Telecare” will be displayed at Computex, and success cases will be shared from the view of smart hospital, smart homecare, medical big data and artificial intelligence, giving complete introductions to the architecture and practical applications of medical IoT. Products that will be displayed include the amor H2 health band, H100 cloud gateway, KIOSK health station and certificated medical devices such as DxPatch ECG/heart sound monitor and heart rate variation analyzer. Among these products, the professional algorithm of the newly released amor H2 health band allows users to find out their fatigue index and circulation conditions, and further helps users to adjust their living habits and achieve the goal of healthy living; it attracted a lot of attention from many consumers.

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This year, Leadtek booth (booth #: A1118) is at Computex 2018 Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1 from June 5th to June 9th. Highest performance AI deep learning solutions and the latest products will be showcased on-site. We sincerely welcome all guests to come and experience the innovative designs and top performances from Leadtek on-site.

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