Publish Date : 2016/08/29

Leadtek Healthcare IoT Integration Solution Debuts in Africa


Founded in 1986, Leadtek has three decades of experience in delivering high quality visual computing solutions and maintaining reliable supply. In year 2000, Leadtek expanded its IoT and healthcare solutions under well-integrated health cloud; high performance computing and virtualization technologies into the market with medical certification to satisfy non-invasive health care requirements.

Healthcare Solutions focus on non-invasive Cardiovascular Care

Leadtek was honored to be invited for Swaziland International Trade Fair (SITF) participation in August 26 to September 5. “DxPatch” shows its compelling power to attract visitor's notice which is professional wireless and non-invasive echocardiogram and heart sounds recorder, the phonocardiogram and electrocardiogram coaxial analytical technique provides comprehensive abilities to detect results of systolic parameters and abnormal heart sounds.

Daily health care is taken as imperative nowadays, “Leadtek Mini-ECG Recorder” receives Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare medical device certification and provides sports management and features precise measurement of the user's heart rate variability (HRV) statistics, its outstanding statistics charts and measurement record are displayed on mobile APP, also it uploads the physiological data to Leadtek's amorRunner Cloud server for simplifying user's fitness tracking purpose.

Leadtek also exhibits “amor Health KIOSK” health station which integrates amorRunner health cloud and physiological measurement equipment; RFID health card and card reader as well as high resolution LCD screen for keeping community households; corporate or government employees; school teachers and students' health. In addition, it works under internet connection to simplify the management and maintenance for health care center (service operator), like as uploading and replacing the health educational video; updating the application UI and new software in addition to strengthening the management capacity for service quality optimization.

The Health IoT solution spotlights on Telecare

Leadtek's Health IoT solution consists of IP Surveillance System and Positioning Service as well as Gravity Detection technology of Activity and Elderly Fall Prevention to improve telecare efficiency which assists homecare service by well-integrated IP camera; network video recorder (NVR) Servers; central management system (CMS) and purpose-build mobile APP interoperability.

Visit SITF (Swaziland International Trade Fair) Hall 1 to jointly explore Leadtek Healthcare IoT integration solution. (more product information



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