Publish Date : 2004/11/19

Leadtek is to sponsor 2004 FIFA FUSTAL World Championship

Taipei, Taiwan, Nov 19, 2004--Want to join in this prestigious soccer event and share the excitement with soccer fans from around the globe? Now you don't have to watch the games by staying overnight or making an overseas trip just to be able to participate in the competition. The 2004 FIFA FUTSAL World Championship, at the same time celebrating the centennial anniversary of FIFA, the international football authority, will be held in Taipei, Taiwan from November 21 through December 5. This is also the first renowned event of this type staged by the city of Taipei.

Leadtek Research Inc. is honored to be sponsoring this international event.With 18 years of specialization in the design and manufacture of a wide range of high performance graphics and video solutions, we now also extend our products ranges from 3D graphics, multimedia, and motherboard to video conference, video surveillance and GPS navigation solutions. Leadtek has always been focused on the R&D, marketing, manufacturing and financial management skills and has been recognized as a top industry quality leader.

Mr. Kun Shan Lu, an enthusiastic soccer fan who is the CEO and Chairman of Leadtek Research Inc., VP of Chinese Taipei Football Association and a member of the Football Association in Hua-Lien County, is also the founder of the exclusive sports newspaper “Leadteksports” in Taiwan. Mr. Lu's passion in soccer can be seen in his continuous effort in promoting and sponsoring the game and as usual, for a detailed FUTSAL competition update, Leadteksports is the only choice for all eager sports fans.

The term “FUTSAL” is frequently referred to as Five-A-Side. “FUT” is Latin for “foot” and “SAL” is Spanish for “indoors”. The 2004 FIFA FUTSAL World Championship, to be hosted by the Chinese Taipei Football Association, is the fifth FUTSAL World Championship and is one of the big sporting events since the 2002 FIFA World Cup, and Leadtek is proud to be chosen as the only local sponsor for the competition. Over 15 of the world's best teams which are divided into 6 divisions will be competing in Taipei and this will both effectively serve to promote the sport locally and greatly raise Taipei's visibility around the globe. Due to the comparatively small number of people (ie. 5 people), simpler game rules, and smaller pitch required for the game, FUTSAL can be played indoors, and indeed will attract the interest of youngsters.

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