Publish Date : 2005/07/05


Taipei, Taiwan — July 05, 2005 - LeadtekResearch Inc., the industry leader in multimedia communication technologies, today announced that the new cutting edge standalone videophone - BVP8882, set-top-box videophone — BVP8759, VoIP adapter — BVA8055 and network surveillance camera — NSC3610 for IP communication world. All of these state-of-the-art productswill be exhibiting at Taipei Telecom Show from July 15th to 18th at TaipeiWorld Trade Center. You're invited to visit Leadtek at Hall 1 /A319, A321.

Leadtek BVP8882 — Standalone Videophone Features for Everyone and Every Occasion

BVP8882, a winner in the CESTelephone Award categoryis a stylish standalone videophone that makes videocalls over IP network as the regular phone. Its built-in 5” TFT LCD screen and CCD camera can be rotated and tiltedfor various angles viewing. It can operate ineither the H.323 or SIP communication protocol. The most unique features of the BVP8882 videophone is that its built-in USB port. The numerousapplications like Wi-Fi dongle (for wireless connectivity), memory storage device (for saving or retrieving video and audio)and keyboard (for entering text messages) can be extended from the USB port.

BVP8759, awinner in the CES Telephone Award categoryis a stylish set-top-box videophone that makes videocalls over IP network as the regular phone. It can be placed on top of a TV, desk, or on a wall. It uses the TV as thedisplay. The built-inCCD camera can be rotated or hid for various angles viewing or privacy. The external microphone connects the user's voice to the unit.A corded or cordless phone connectsto FXO port for operating the phone's functionslike dialing or answering. An infra-red remote is used for full functions operating. It also supports USB port which can extend numerousapplications as BVP 8882.

Leadtek BVA8055— A Compact VoIP adater

BVA8055, awinner of iF Award is light-weight broadband VoIP adapterto connect with standard telephones. Itis suitable for the home and SOHO users to save money on local, domestic, and international phone calls. It is easy to install and very simple to use. Simply plug in the network, attach a telephone and the automatic provisioning system (APS) with encryption provides configuration and remote firmware upgrade without user intervention.

Leadtek NSC3610 – A Compact and Versatile Surveillance Camera

NSC3610, a winner in the CES Integrated Home Systems Award category, is a unique, ergonomic and compact network-based surveillance camera equipped with MPEG-4 video and G.711 audio compression technologies. It is easy to use with a web-based user interface and intuitive software. The userscan view live surveillance video from multiple cameras at the same time. The camera utilizes Digital Video Recording (DVR) technology to record video and audio with time stamps, which can be saved into a computer's hard drive. The MPEG-4 compression technology minimizes the size of the recorded data, yet offers high quality video playback. Motion detectioncan be programmed to send an alarm when any object moves in a defined area. Digital zoom can be used to enlarge a portion of the display for detailed investigation. The Leadtek NSC3610 surveillance camera also supports Wi-Fi connectivity. The camera is ideal for consumer remote surveillance and monitoring applications.

Price and Availability

Leadtek is partnering with the major service providers in the world to provide video telephony service. The surveillance camera is available dealers. The VoIP adapteris available through selective partners.

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