Publish Date : 2004/02/18

Leadtek introduces four new graphics cards for PCI Express - Extreme bandwidth with unrivaled 3D performance

[ Taipei, Taiwan / Tokyo, Japan / Shanghai, China /Fremont, C.A. / Netherlands – Feb. 18th, 2004 ]

Leadtek announces simultaneously with NVIDIA ® , the global leader inprofessional graphics, a complete line of top-to-bottom graphics cards that incorporates the PCI Express interface. Showcased by NVIDIA ® at Intel Developer Forum (IDF) Spring 2004, the newest PC interconnect standard is the result of their collaborative engineering efforts with Intel. The interface of the new generation along with the powerful GPU and the extravagant bandwidth has significantly elevated the graphics performance, pushing the envelope of 3D gaming and application. Leadtek has designed high-performance graphics cards with the leading technology and integrated an extensive feature set, providing hardcore users with rock-solid stability and remarkable reliability, reaffirming Leadtek's position as the leading designer and manufacturer in the graphics card industry, and proving the only choice for users seeking superior performance and quality.

Based on the GeForce PCX GPU, the new family of Leadtek graphics cards includes:

WinFast PX380 Uses GeForce PCX 5950 GPU, based on the award-winning GeForce architectures, this new GPU delivers extreme graphics power and performance for extreme gamers.

WinFast PX360 Uses GeForce PCX 5750 GPU, designed for high-performance gaming with NVIDIA's full suite of cinematic effects and an unmatched feature set.

WinFast PX340 Uses GeForce PCX 5300 GPU, delivers state-of-the-art, best-in-class features and the reliability users have come to expect from NVIDIA, at an affordable price.

WinFast PX180 Uses GeForce PCX 4300 GPU, provides entry-level pricing coupled with strong performance, unbeatable visual quality, and DVD playback.

1The series of graphic cards support PCI Express 1.0a . PCI Express (PCX) high-speed interconnect (HSI), a complex piece of networking technology that performs seamless, bi-directional interconnect protocol conversion at incredible speed lines, NVIDIA can transform its current award-winning GeForce FX series into a full-family of PCI Express GPUs. NVIDIA validated its family of GeForce PCX products with the industry's top motherboard, chipset, and BIOS vendors. NVIDIA has already shipped more than 1,000 PCI Express boards to customers and partners. PCI Express 16x, providing ultra high bandwidth of about 4GB/sec, have improved the performance by leaps and bounds. With the more advanced manufacturing process of the GPU coupled and Leadtek's uniquely designed heat sink and fan, the issues of heat and noise have been greatly reduced. In the meanwhile, they offer various product specifications and memory capacity selections, full support for hardware DirectX ® and OpenGL ® , capable of handling the most demanding games and software that require a large amount of memory and complete hardware acceleration. Supplied by NVIDIA ® , the latest utility named ForceWare ™ USE can also be installed and applies to the entire product line of NVIDIA ® , providing more applications for graphics, audio, video, communication, storage, and security. With the unique n-View function, users working with multiple monitors are offered the full flexibility of display configurations, such as freely splitting screens and arranging windows to expand or reorganize working areas, dramatically enhancing efficiencies in the office.

“Today NVIDIA set a new industry milestone by announcing a comprehensive product offering for the industry's most important transition in recent history,” stated Jen-Hsun Huang, president and CEO at NVIDIA. “By aligning ourselves closely with Intel and helping define this new specification, we were able to engineer four new products that deliver leading performance in each market segment.”

Huang continued, “Intel's technology leadership has been unprecedented-and the rollout of PCI Express continues that tradition. With the additional bandwidth and feature set offered by PCI Express, consumers can look forward to better graphics and more vibrant digital media elements, which translate to a superior user experience.”

“NVIDIA is a key player in the PCI Express technology initiative, so it is a fitting that they selected Intel's premiere technology showcase to introduce their PCI Express product family,” said Randy Wilhelm, vice president, desktop platforms group and general manager, client platform division at Intel Corporation. “By sharing our combined expertise, Intel and NVIDIA are pushing advancements in PC technology forward at a remarkable pace.”

“ Leadtek's continuous innovation and fast research and development abilities, combined with NVIDIA ® 's unparalleled 3D graphics technology, have become the force to create and define the future technologies. With the partnership, Leadtek has been always able to set new milestones in each and every generation of graphics cards.“ said Mr. Lu Kuen-Shan, president and CEO of Leadtek Research Inc. “Leadtek has been always striving to research and design with innovative ideas that meet the demands of the human, just like the DirectBurn function that was first introduced in MyVIVO series, a critically-acclaimed feature for hardcore users to experience the outstanding performance as well as the pleasure of multimedia.”

o cater to the need of a variety of users, Leadtek's versatile design for the new family provides unlimited configuration possibilities and innovative features, such as DVI output, HDTV output, Hardware Monitor, high-quality heat sink and fan, and MyVIVO. Also exclusively bundled with the package are several hottest games for the users to instantly experience the cinematic scenes in the movie-like gaming world. In addition, we include quite a few software titles such as WinFastDVD, ColoReal Embedded, ColoReal Visual, ColoReal Bright, and CYCORE Cult 3D. Also included is the WinFox II utility that offers various configuration functions and even more stable overclocking ability, to fully exploit the potential and the value of the graphics card. For the models with MyVIVO functions, we have also thrown in several video editing and authoring software titles including Ulead VideoStudio DVD, DVD MovieFactory, and Cool 3D, for users to immediately experience the vivid 3D world constructed by the cutting-edge hardware and incredibly high bandwidth.