Publish Date : 2002/08/08

Leadtek Workstation Graphics Solutions based on NVIDIA Quadro4 Graphics Family Now Available

Leadtek Workstation Graphics Solutions based on NVIDIA Quadro4 Graphics Family Now Available

New series of Top-to-Bottom Workstation Graphics Solutions for the 2D/3D Professionals
Taipei - August 8, 2002 -

LeadtekR Research Inc. today introduced a new range of workstation graphics solutions, including the Leadtek QuadroR4 900 XGL, Leadtek Quadro4 750 XGL, Leadtek Quadro4 700 XGL, Leadtek Quadro4 550 XGL, Leadtek Quadro4 400 NVS, and Leadtek Quadro4 200 NVS products. This top-to-bottom family of workstation graphics solutions is based on the NVIDIA Quadro 4 graphics family from NVIDIA Corporation, the worldwide leader in visual processing solutions. NVIDIA Quadro4 solutions deliver industry-leading performance and innovative features to the professional graphics market.

NVIDIA Quadro4 is the most powerful graphics family available in the 3D professional market today, especially for its processing power in professional animation graphics," said K.S. Lu, the CEO of Leadtek Research Inc. "Leadtek is proud to present its new series of Leadtek Quadro4 products which will further establish the high performance and high quality image associated with the Leadtek brand."

The WinFast L series workstation products from Leadtek were once revered by many reputable media worldwide, such as Byte and PC Magazine, as the most valuable and outstanding 3D graphics product. Now, two years later, with the launch of the new Leadtek Quadro4 series, Leadtek will be able to offer even more outstanding industry-leading 3D and 2D performance to its professional clients.

Leadtek is an established company with a wide range of high performance graphics, video and motherboard solutions," said Jeff Brown, director of workstation product management at NVIDIA. "We believe that professional users in Asia will be well served by Leadtek's breadth and depth of high-tech experience."

The Quadro4 family delivers the industry's highest performance and most complete feature set at unprecedented values. The Quadro4 XGL series is the ideal solution for every level of user of computer-aided design and digital content creation applications, while the Quadro4 NVS series of multi-display professional solutions offers industry-leading acceleration for professional 2D applications popular in the financial services market and the Non-Linear Video Editing (NLE) market. New technology introduced in the Quadro4 family includes:

  • Two completely new graphics architectures designed to accelerate professional DirectXR and OpenGLR applications.
  • NVIDIA's advanced programmable shading technology to enable custom special effects and real-time custom animations.
  • nViewTM, NVIDIA's multi-display technology that supports combinations of analog monitors and digital flat panel displays to drastically increase a user's desktop workspace.
  • Lightspeed Memory Architecture II (LMA II), NVIDIA's 128-bit memory interface that features a crossbar design and advanced Quadro memory management techniques.

The Quadro4 XGL product series consists of:

  • Quadro4 900 XGL- the industry's most powerful and robust graphics solution, and represents a revolutionary combination of performance and features.
  • Quadro4 700 and 750 XGL- offers high-end features, including a fully programmable graphics pipeline, and an aggressive price.
  • Quadro4 550 XGL- providing an ideal balance of price and performance, the Quadro4 500 XGL- series is targeted for midrange MCAD and DCC applications.

The Quadro4 NVS product series consists of:

  • Quadro4 200 NVS- low profile, dual head graphics solution offering tremendous flexibility for users requiring support for dual analog and/or digital displays.
  • Quadro4 400 NVS- ultimate graphics solution for users that require maximum screen real estate. Powered by two GPUs, the Quadro4 400NVS supports up to four analog or digital displays.

AvailabilityLeadtek Quadro4 graphics solutions are available from Leadtek Distributor Channels in Asia Pacific region (except for Japan), starting from 1st August. For more information on pricing and where to buy, please log onto e.g.