Publish Date : 2002/07/16

The new WinFast nForce2 series of high performance motherboards are released

NVIDIA nForce 2

The new WinFast nForce2 series of high performance motherboards are released

FREMONT, CA (July 16th, 2002) - LEADTEK Research Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of technologies for graphic cards, motherboards and communication products announced today the new WinFast nForce2 series of high performance motherboards based on the new NVIDIA nForce2 Platform Processors.

Leadtek's WinFast nForce2 Series of motherboards includes the K7NCR18D, K7NCR18G and K7NCR18M. Employing the latest NVIDIA nForce2 SSP and nForce2MCP-T Platform Processors, these high performance motherboards deliver unmatched performance, realistic Dolby Digital 3D audio and the ultimate in connectivity. Whether it's the WinFast K7NCR18G with integrated GeForce4 MX, or any of this new line of WinFast nForce2-based motherboards which all support AGP 8X, screaming graphics are assured. With Leadtek's continued focus on building innovative hardware design with quality, performance and reliability always at the forefront, these new motherboards are a true indication of how excellence in engineering and design continues to be the key that allows a product to stand out above the rest.

"Combining the revolutionary concept and technology from NVIDIA with Leadtek's design knowledge and fine workmanship, the new WinFast nForce2 series of motherboards offers the best performance in it's class and is a true testament to the combined commitment to excellence of both companies," said K. S. Lu, CEO of Leadtek Research Inc. "We are very proud of our long-standing association with NVIDIA, and of the many great products that this has allowed us to bring to market."

"Leadtek has been a steadfast partner of NVIDIA for many years, designing high-performance, reliable video card and motherboard solutions based upon the latest state-of-the-art graphics chip technology from NVIDIA. The WinFast nForce2-based line of motherboard solutions, with it's performance, reliability and rich feature set, truly earns it's position as 'The Digital Media Platform', said Drew Henry, Senior Director of Platform Product Management at NVIDIA.Introducing the unrivaled Core Structure the WinFast nForce2 - based on NVIDIA's new nForce2 SPP and nForce2 MCP-T Platform Processors, combined with high-speed Dual 400MHz DDR memory controllers, delivers twice the bandwidth of typical DDR core-logic chipsets. The result is an increase of up to 50% in bandwidth over previous generation nForce platform processors, plus numerous high-performance features including support for USB 2.0, ATA133 and Firewire. 'The Digital Media Platform' is the ultimate solution for a broad array of applications and solutions. Additionally, all WinFast nForce2 motherboards are loaded with the renowned O.T.S. (Over Temperature Shutdown) X-BIOS II feature for system protection and performance fine tuning, as well as support for Smart Card Reader and smart memory card for state-of-the-art multimedia support. Consumers, Enthusiasts and Commercial users will all enjoy the ultimate in performance and functionality that the Leadtek WinFast nForce2 series of motherboards delivers.