Publish Date : 2005/12/21

Leadtek's Bluetooth Duo Open new world of Mobile Communication

Leadtek, Research Inc, one of the world's biggest value - added manufacturers of Bluetooth-enabled products today announce new hearth throbbing Bluetooth devices for more connectivity and conversation on the road than ever before. The alluring Bluetooth BlueVenus is distinctly feminine and as much an eye catcher as an ear pleaser for any modern Miss who needs to stay constantly in touch wherever on the go. A discreetly flashing LED tone indicator ensures the user never misses a call, no matter whether her cell phone lies buried, unheard, or at the bottom of a handbag.

Bluetooth BlueVenus pairs with a plug-and-play gadget Bluetooth V2G, the perfect couple gives users the freedom to chat wirelessly on Internet Messengers without reconfiguration of settings on a PC or Laptop. These heart throbbing Bluetooth voice communication devices represent the perfect integration of Leadtek design and engineering skill in response to the burgeoning Bluetooth application market. At the same time they are the front runners in a trend setting line of Leadtek Bluetooth-enabled products for ever more personal enjoyment of Bluetooth technology.