Publish Date : 2006/03/02

Moving Leadtek Forward

Taipei, Taiwan , March 1st, 2006--- As from todayLeadtek Research Inc., marks a new milestone in its twenty year history by slipping into a new corporate identity. Its new logo symbolizes a new beginning and a turnaround in the identity of a company that continues to grow steadily and is marching boldly into the future.

Motivation behind new Logo

Leadtek Research Inc.' founder and CEO, K.S. Lu, built his international conglomerate through a vision to “Use high-tech Research & Development to ‘Make Dreams a Reality'.

The logo that has spearheaded Leadtek's advance for the past 19 years was based on the company's zest for research and development through using leading technology. K.S. Lu has a strong belief in operating a long-term business that through ‘one creative conception a day' makes some contribution to human life.

Leadtek's CEO believes that everyone's hard-work pays off by making the human experience a more meaningful one. “Building a Taiwan that touches your heart with human technology is an ideal the company has always strived for and this is transparent in the new Leadtek logo.

The New Leadtek Logo symbolizes Change and a New Beginning.

Currently Leadtek Research Inc. has its feet firmly placed in the global markets of computer graphics, wireless communications, and video-telephony.

We are dedicated to making Leadtek an international brand and to being a performance leader in the industry. With its 20th anniversary, Leadtek reached its majority while the new logo symbolizes our zest for Research and Development through cutting edge technology.
Stability is stressed through retaining Leadtek's tranditional blue color.

To enhance brand-name identity we have emphasized a slight change in blue color and typeface.The lightness of color is heightened to stress new vitality injected into the logo without loss of stability. The clean-cut, scientific and modern design has been incorporatedinto theseven capital letters.

These changes also reflect the ‘solidarity' developed from within our company culture. At the same time, new logo said K.S. Lu added a sense of solidity to the visual effect.” After staying the course in a competitive industry what we need for twenty decades is a solid base on which to build our corporate future. And more than ever, we need the heart and soul of people to keep Leadtek moving forward.

How Leadtek auxiliary visual identity has been expanded from the R&D symbol

The Leadtek auxiliary visual identity system is derived from extension of the Leadtek logo. The two oblique lines from the R and D symbol represent “Innovation” and “Quality”. This auxiliary identity syste symbolizes the operation of ‘Moving Leadtek Forward'. This innovation in the logo and corporate identity system stresses our corporate belief. We intend to bolster consumers' brand loyalty and give Leadtek a truly international name and identity.

Generally speaking then, the new logo in the whole, suggests that Leadtek, after twenty years in the hi-tech industry still has its feet firmly on the ground. Building on this firm reslove, with ongoing innovation, and top-quality assurance as our watchwords, Leadtek goes on making everyone's dream a reality. Our sights are set on being a top ranking provider for the total multimedia communications solutions industry.