Publish Date : 2006/12/01

New Vision in Transition

Taipei, Taiwan, December 1st , 2006: LEADTEK Research Inc, one of the world's leading total multimedia solution providers, has announced the launch of a new business platform in North America in line with the implementation of its global brand marketing strategy.

Accordingly, as from December a new distribution group will be set up in the US to provide all round back-up to the North American market - a move that is designed to give a more cost competitive edge to the Leadtek presence in North America. At the same time this new vision and transition, said Leadtek C.E.O and President K.S. Lu, would optimize profitability, enable the company to double up its commitment to more reliable products and provide a complete portfolio of services on the North American market.

With a track record of outstanding performance, international acclaim and achievement over two decades, Leadtek's a new global business structure points to new horizons and milestones in the company's future.

A strong presence on the world market and a leading edge status in the industry was something to be proud of, said Lu, but “accurate and timely customer feed-back together with quick product updates" were the hallmarks of any contract or assignment. Leadtek's avowed policy, he said, was “not to follow but to lead" - to be a force that could power up change and innovation and achieve its goal of being among the leaders in the industry.

The rapid growth and change on the North American market, said Lu, gave Leadtek an opportunity to consolidate its business base and expand market share in a more flexible way. At the same time the company seeks to strengthen its partnerships among clients in USA and Canada and is gearing up to promote aggressively its own brand products with "more organic cooperation."

It was only through a restructuring of Leadtek headquarters and overseas subsidiaries that true integration of resources for more all round efficiency could be achieved, said Lu. Business could be expanded and a more synergy would be created between the Leadtek subsidiaries, he added.

All new business units in N. America will be formed and receive detailed notification next month and there will be no change in shipment schedules. For more information about Leadtek, please visit or contact Leadtek local distributors as follows:


* Powernode Computer Inc.: +1-905-474-1040

* Mini-Micro Supply Inc.: +1-905-305-7671

* Elco Systems Inc.: +1-800-689-3526

* Daiwa Distribution Inc.: +1-905-940-2889


* Nu Media System Usa, Inc.: +1-909-598-5061
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