Publish Date : 2003/09/23

Leadtek announces WinFast K8 Series Motherboard

The world's first NIST certified Data Security & 64-bit motherboard

Taipei , Taiwan / Tokyo , Japan / Shanghai , China / Fremont , C.A. / Netherlands – Sept. 23 th , 2003

Leadtek Research Inc., the leading manufacturer of professional motherboard solutions, today announced the new 64-bit processor motherboard “The WinFast K8NW/Pro, WinFast K8NFX/Pro, and WinFast K8N/Pro” with nForce3 chipset, and with that a powerfully new multimedia platform is now available for multimedia users. With the AMD K8 series CPU, you have the built-in 64-bit architecture CPU to enhance your operating systems and software to process more data and access a tremendous amount of memory. Meanwhile, the NVIDIA nForce 3 chipset provides advanced processing capabilities and system innovations for the new 64-bit processor architecture, and the single-chip solution designed enables higher-quality, full-featured motherboards and delivers maximum performance with the lowest latency.

The WinFast K8NW/Pro is the best workstation/gaming platform featuring the new AMD 64-bit Opteron/Athlon 64 FX (Socket 940) CPU, AGP Pro 8X, and Memory size up to 8GB. The WinFast K8NFX/Pro is the high-end 3D gaming platform supporting the new 64-bit K8 series Athlon 64 FX (Socket 940) CPU, AGP Pro 8X, and Memory size up to 8GB. The WinFast K8N/Pro is the best multimedia platform with the new 64-bit K8 series Athlon 64 (Socket 754) CPU, AGP 8X, and Memory size up to 3 GB. Moreover, the WinFast K8 series Pro version motherboard will support an access key for the data security function to secure your files against the dangers of unexpected conditions.

“A new era of motherboards technologies is coming. I am glad to announce that the new 64-bit motherboard is now available for multimedia users. With this new 64-bit motherboard, high-speed data analysis and processing operations are completed extremely faster than the industry-standard 32-bit, offering you the chance to enjoy 3D gaming and deal with complicated 3D designing with ease. ” K. S. Lu, President and CEO, Leadtek Research Inc

“True innovation makes the greatest possible technology available to the widest possible audience. True innovation is not just bigger and better, but is measured by its availability and relevance to end users.” Hector Ruiz, President and CEO, Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

The new motherboard is also fully loaded with supporting features like DDR 400/Dual DDR 400, IEEE1394 interface, Ultra ATA133 IDE dual channel interfaces, SATA RAID 0/1 and 0+1 interface, Dual 10/100Mbps and Gigabit LAN interface, and USB2.0. Furthermore, with Leadtek’s innovated X-BIOS II, Speed Gear II, and O. T. S. (Over Temperature Shutdown) features on the WinFast K8 series motherboard, system setting adjustments and monitoring capabilities are at your control. The X-BIOS II feature allows users to adjust settings like voltage, and clock, etc, to keep their system always working under the best over-clocking environment. The Speed Gear II is for reading over-clocking status in CPU/Memory/AGP/PCI clock, CPU Vcore and ratio. The BIOS and hardware offer the CPU Over Temperature Shutdown (O. T. S) function to protect the CPU from burnouts.

Stability, compliance, and efficiency are the main concepts of Leadtek’s motherboards, and the cutting-edge design of WinFast K8 series motherboard, bringing you into a new world of multimedia platforms. Don’t forget Leadtek’s innovated X-BIOS II, Speed Gear II, and O. T. S. will be there to help you manage over-clocking environments. Leadtek will continue to focus on researching and developing leading technologies to satisfy customer needs and accomplish its motto “We Make Dreams a Reality”.