Publish Date : 2003/06/03

Leadtek announces NVIDIA QuadroR FX 500 By Leadtek graphics card

May 30th, 2003 Taipei, Taiwan / Tokyo, Japan / Shanghai, China /Fremont, C.A. / Netherlands
Leadtek Research Inc., the leading manufacturer of professional graphics card solutions, today announced the new workstation graphics cards " The NVIDIA Quadro® FX 500 By Leadtek” based on NVIDIA´s Quadro® FX chipset. Continuing the NVIDIA Quadro® FX 2000/1000 By Leadtek receives the greatest honor for their outstanding quality and excellent performance, the new Leadtek´s Quadro®FX 500 graphics card is designed for the entry-level users to explore the world of 3D animation.

"Leadtek is a graphics cards leader with its world-class professional skills, creating numerous and significant graphics cards for the 3D animation market. To fill the product line of the workstation graphics cards, we designed a new one for entry-level users – the Leadtek´s Quadro® FX 500, with high-standard features such as Quadro® FX 2000/1000 but at a reasonable price” K. S. Lu, president and CEO, Leadtek Research Inc. “Now we have three segments to satisfy all user needs: the entry-level of the Quadro® FX 500, Quadro4 580 XGL, and Quadro4 380 XGL; the advanced level of the Quadro4 980 XGL and Quadro4 750 XGL; the high-end level of the Quadro® FX 2000 and Quadro® FX 1000, proven Leadtek´s first-class professional skills in graphics cards. We will keep making a terrific graphics cards for the 3D animation users.”

"With the introduction of NVIDIA Quadro® FX 500, we´re able to offer our customers a fully scalable range of workstation graphics solutions” Jeff Brown, director of workstation product management, NVIDIA. “Each of these configurations, like all NVIDIA products, offers our customers the broadest application certification program in the industry."

The Leadtek´s Quadro® FX 500 workstation graphics card delivers the fastest application performance and the highest quality with supporting the features: fifth-generation workstation graphics architecture, third-generation vertex and pixel programming, 16x full-scene anti-aliasing (FSAA), Full 128-bit precision graphics pipeline, 128MB DDR memory, nViewTM, AGP8X, DirectXR 9.0, OpenGL® 2.0, Cg language, and HLSL.

Featuring the nViewTM multi-display technology, it supports the VGA and DVI outputs for the multiple PCs running with both the analog and digital monitors simultaneously. Meanwhile, the DVI output function will enhance the resolution up to 3840*2400 when operated on one PC, resulting in a highest level of accuracy and the ultimate in visual quality. The Leadtek´s Quadro® FX 500 workstation graphics card packs with a DVI connector to transfer digital and analog signals, especially for the users who have two analog monitors expecting to run twin view function, which extends the image width from one monitor to the other, helping you handle the complex project with ease.

With NVIDIA Unified Driver Architecture (UDA) in the Quadro® FX series, it provides a best solution for upgrading driver and adding new software through internet, enhancing the products´ stability, efficiency, and performance. Furthermore, it allows forward-and-backward compatibility to all of the Quadro® FX product line. In addition, the Quadro® FX series products bring new level of performance for CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and DCC (Digital Content Creation) applications, including: Ansys®, Autodesk AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, Bentley Microstation®, Co|Creat™ SolidDesigner, Dassault CATIA®, ESRI ArcInfo, Helix, ICEMsurf, MSC Nastran/Patran, Plant Designer/Imagineer, PTC® Pro/ENGINEER™, PTC 3Dpaint™, SDRC I-DEAS® Master Series, SolidWorks®, UGS Solid Edge™, Unigraphics®, Alias|Wavefront MayaR, Alias|Wavefront StudioToolsR, Discreet 3ds max, Newtek Lightwave 3D™, Side Effects Houdini™, SOFTIMAGE|3D, SOFTIMAGE|XSI.

The NVIDIA Quadro® FX 500 By Leadtek delivers the outstanding performance and the excellent quality for the 3D animation market. With this and future products, Leadtek will continue to focus on researching and developing leading technologies to satisfy customer needs and accomplish its motto “We Make Dreams a Reality”.

About Leadtek Research Inc.
Founded in 1986, Leadtek Research, Inc. is a research and development company, which specialises in the design and manufacturing of a wide range of high performance graphics, video and motherboard solutions. With a wide range of products from 3D Graphics, Multimedia, Motherboards, platforms for Video Conferencing, Video Surveillance, GPS Navigation, and Wireless Communication. Leadtek has its sights set on providing Total Systems and Total Solutions for entry level and professional users alike in 2002. Leadtek has always been focused on intensive R&D, and its ISO9001 manufacturing facility has been recognized as an industry quality leader. Leadtek´s R&D efforts are channelled towards user satisfaction while at the same time keeping customer profitability in mind. Leadtek is committed to a win-win strategy of identifying and meeting the needs of its users, thereby sharing a mutual success with its customers.

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