Publish Date : 2003/09/24

Leadtek announces WinFast DV2000 --- Your Best Personal Digital Video Recorder for TV, FM and DV

Taipei, Taiwan / Tokyo, Japan / Shanghai, China /Fremont, C.A. / Netherlands – Sept. 16th, 2003

Leadtek Research Inc., the leading manufacturer of professional multimedia solutions, today announced “The WinFast DV2000” as your personal multimedia center for video editing and authoring. Featuring the exclusive “DirectBurn” and IEEE 1394 function for turning your PC into a digital multimedia entertainment center, you can now edit your lovely pictures on your PC by connecting the DC/DV through IEEE 1394 port, and then burn that file (e.g. digital photo album) directly onto VCD/DVD with the built-in “DirectBurn” software. Meanwhile, the enclosed bracket gives you two more IEEE 1394 ports to fit your needs. Moreover, the WinFast DV2000 supports these features: 10-bit video decoder, 1394 LAN, MTS/EIA-J/NICAM/A2 & Stereo sound, Teletext, EPG (Electronic Program Guide), NetMeeting, PIP (Picture in picture), Time-Shifting, MPEG-1/2/4 Capture format, Remote control, and VCD/DVD/SVCD authoring.

With the world’s first built-in CD burning software, the exclusive “DirectBurn” by Leadtek enables you to edit your favorite TV program, home video, and personal projects on your PC, and then burn the finished project directly from external video devices onto VCD/DVD, saving time and valuable hard-drive space.

Featuring the 10-bit video decoder of the WinFast DV2000, video quality is enhanced to improve quality in dark regions, smooth graduations in backgrounds, and slightly varying tonal values. Furthermore, the MTS/EIA-J/NICAM/A2 feature allows you to select main audio program or secondary audio program if your TV channel supports both audio programs. Also, you can press the teletext bottom on the remote control of the DV2000 to read the flight time table, train schedule, and weather report, etc.

In addition, there are five more exclusive features to show you the excellent performance of the WinFast DV2000.
The PIP (Picture in picture) feature:
it allows you to watch both a live show and a playback file at the same time on the main and sub windows, e.g. you can watch DVD or other video files as your TV shows are suspended by countless commercials. The flexible sub-window can also be any size or place you want.
The Time-Shifting feature:
suppose you are watching your favorite TV show, and you get an important phone call, or someone is at the door, what do you do? With the Time-Shifting feature, you can auto record any program with just the press a button, this let you replay whatever you missed whenever you're ready.
The variety of Capture formats:
e.g. MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DVD, VCD, and WMV. Nowadays, the MPEG-4 is the hottest video format. Its image quality is high-resolution, and the data volume is only about 1/10 the size of the original MPEG-2 video. The WMV is the latest capture format of Microsoft. It can turn your PC into a TV server, which means with the WinFast DV2000, you can watch TV on multiple PCs in your home simultaneously.
The remote control:
with this, you have the controls to all of the WinFast DV2000’s capabilities at your fingertips. If you want to watch TV on your PC, you just press the “Power” key, also use it to switch the volume and channel, even during recording and Time-Shifting. No more keyboard and mouse. It really does turn your PC into your own TV and Personal Video Recorder.
Extra software bundle:
you can author and edit your own VCD/DVD/SVCD with the included Leadtek WinFast PVR, Leadtek WinFast DVD, Ulead VideoStudio 7, Ulead DVDMovieFactory 2 and Ulead Cool 3D 3.0 or your own personal choice of program.

Again, the WinFast DV2000 brings you into a new digital dimension to enrich your daily life and computing needs. Also it delivers the outstanding performance and excellent quality for the multimedia users. With this and future products, Leadtek will continue to focus on researching and developing leading technologies to satisfy customer needs and accomplish its motto “We Make Dreams a Reality”.