Publish Date : 2008/05/29

Leadtek Research Inc. the Digital Life Expert - Make Your Dreams Come True at Computex Taipei 2008

th,2008> - LEADTEK Research Inc., internationally acclaimed total multimedia solution provider, is set to present its latest product lineup when Asia's premier electronics show, Computex Taipei 2008 throws open its doors from June 3-7 in the World Trade Center, Taipei.

Computex Taipei is the, biggest international exhibition of its kind in Asia and a great opportunity for all Asian technology manufactures to introduce their products and exchange ideas for the future. Leadtek will make its presence felt like never before at Computex this year with a wide range of cutting edge new products.

At the company booth in Hall 1 “A926 to A1031”, Leadtek's flagship Computer Multimedia Business Unit, along with dedicated masterworks of hi-tech from the Wireless Communication and Audio/Video Communication Business Units, awaits visitors.

And continuing last year's theme; Leadtek this time round presents visitors with an even more comprehensive concept, Digital Life -- the new era ideal lifestyle. Accordingly, Leadtek offers a lineup of technology and products that can enrich the quality of our lives. These include:

WinFast PX9800 GTX:with 512mb GDDR3 memory and the NVIDIA® GeForce® 9800 GTX-based graphics card that can strengthen 3D graphic performance and provide optimal power management with HybridPower™ technology.PX9800 GTX is also equipped with 128 streaming fast cores each running at a new record high GPU clock speed of 675MHz. Moreover, with the latest Microsoft® DirectX® 10 with full Shader Model 4.0 support, and 3-way SLI® technology, the new card imparts to every user the thrill of extreme HD gaming and a first-rate entertainment experience. Leadtek has also come up with a 3D game (Crysis) trial program so that visitors are able to experience the amazing 3D graphic performance of PX9800 GTX.

In another first at Computex this year, Leadtek and Teradici cooperate in the demonstration of a brand new PC-over-IP technology. PC-over-IP technology is an advanced design for delivery to a user's desktop from a centralized host PC across standard IP networks. A PC-over-IP system includes a centralized Host and a desktop Portal connected by a wired or wireless enterprise IP network. PC-over-IP technology can cross many limitations of existing desktop. Users can operate all software and functions as normal with more user benefits.

Leadtek NVIDIA Quadro:Leadtek NVIDIA Quadro introduces the “Built-For-Professionals” concept (BFP). The BFP concept delivers NVIDIA® Quadro® professional GPUs whereby graphic designers are able to obtain and improved and more efficient 3D performance than with standard graphic cards. NVIDIA Quadro® professional GPUs big advantage is easily being able to boost the performance of 3D design software and create more accurate product designs without sacrificing visual quality. Visitors can clearly experience the concept and the difference between standard graphics card and Leadtek NVIDIA® Quadro® professional GPUs with a live demonstration at the Leadtek booth.

WinFast PalmTop DTV200 H:The TV box's palm-size design with USB2.0 plug-n-play interface, PalmTop DTV200 H not only offers high performance TV and radio reception, but also bridges video to laptop from VCR, camcorder or even Video Game Consoles. In addition, with new de-interlacing technology, it offers the perfect quality video without flickering. PalmTop DTV200 H also supports HDTV and Dolby Digital AC3 audio and delivers the most realistic cinematic effects on your laptop. PalmTop DTV200 H transforms your laptop into an authentic multifunctional multimedia center.

Leadtek LR 8M03 LBSTracker: Asmall and powerful GPS/GSM/GPRS tracking device developed for personal remote positioning and emergency reporting.LR8M03 is equipped with 20 Channel SiRF-Star III LP GPS, and suitable for many applications and conditions, such as for vehicle security, monitoring the position of an injured person or whereabouts of a pet. It not only transmits coordinates of longitude and latitude to your cell phone by SMS, but also these coordinates to your PC through a GPRS Internet connection, and then displays the location with dedicated map software.

Leadtek GVSC SIP CarePhone NCP3680: The Network CarePhone NCP3680 is an ergonomic, compact and simple-use network-based home security and home surveillance camera equipped with MPEG-4/H.263 duo video and G.711/G.729 duo audio compression technologies. It will benefit door entry system digitalization with its One Touch button and friendly interface. In emergency situations or when communication is required, it can also double up as a Door Security system, replacing the door bell and acting as a visitor video answering machine. Even more, it can also be programmed as a home care camera for families and patients. Its multiple features guarantee the safety of your family and your home.

Leadtek Health Baby-One Lead ECG & Body Temperature Recorder:Health baby is a single-lead ECG and body temperature recorder. The device is designed for long distance medical care and a user's self-monitoring. Health Baby has an easy-to-use interface and doesn't require any cable connection during monitoring. Users simply place the device on their chest or put two thumbs on the electrodes and push a button to start recording. Recorded data can be transmitted via a USB cable to a PC or mobile phone, and forwarded to the Health Management Center through Internet for advanced daily monitoring.