Publish Date : 2008/06/04

Leadtek Announces a Strategic Partnership with Teradici for PC-over-IP Technology

Taipei, Taiwan, June 4th , 2008-- LEADTEK Research Inc., internationally acclaimed total multimedia solution provider and Teradici Corporation, an innovator in true PC delivery over standard IP networks, have announced a new technology partnership that will make Leadtek an exclusive channel add-in card partner for the Asia/Pacific Teradici workstation market, excluding Japan. The new partnership aims to create an integrated and secure corporate computing environment to desktop and workstation users using “PC-over-IP®” technology.

Teradici's PC-over-IP technology is a cutting edge new remote computing platform that provides a high performance centralized PC or workstation computing experience. The technology uses a chipset that compresses and encodes the entire PC experience at the datacenter and transmits it over a standard IP network to stateless desktop devices called “portals”. Users can access and work with their PC or workstation and all the standard graphics and multimedia functions as they did before, even if the PC is located in a distant datacenter miles away.

PC-over-IP technology is designed specifically to deliver a user's desktop from a centralized host PC or server across standard IP networks to ensure the user enjoys a rich multimedia experience, including high resolution, full frame rate 3D graphics, multi-monitor displays, all types of USB peripherals, and high-definition audio. This PC-over-IP solution offers a true computing experience for the end user while supporting the efficiency and security of centralized computing. Through the secured network connection, users can enjoy a full multimedia experience, while enabling complete centralized management for IT managers.

Traditional PCs and enterprise desktops are difficult to manage, maintain and secure, while thin clients can't provide a rich user experience. Teradici has developed a platform that addresses these issues by enabling PC engines to be centrally managed in a datacenter while providing full graphics and multimedia at the desktop. Leadtek has a history of being the first in the industry to provide customers with advanced technical innovations, and our partnership will continue this tradition by incorporating Teradici's technology in Leadtek's graphics, multimedia and communications solutions.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Leadtek as our partner to broaden Teradici's market reach in the Asia Pacific region,” said Dan Cordingley, president and CEO of Teradici Corporation. “Leadtek's proven success as a leader in graphics and multimedia solutions combined with their extensive marketing experience, R&D expertise, and strong distribution channel makes them a perfectly suited partner to expand PC-over-IP solutions into Asia Pacific."

“As an international total multimedia solutions leading brand, Leadtek has 21 years experience of design and manufacturing high quality 3D graphics, and operating in the Asia Pacific Workstation market.” said K. S. Lu, chairman and CEO of Leadtek Research Inc. “With this partnership, Leadtek will cooperate with Teradici to deliver the 3D visual performance of “PC-over-IP” solutions. We are confident that establishing this win-win partnership not only benefits Leadtek and Teradici but also brings a more valuable computing experience and security for desktop and Workstation users and IT management.”

About Leadtek

Founded and headquartered in Taipei Taiwan of 1986, Leadtek Research Inc. has been living up to its reputation for reliability, quality and performance based on unrelenting R&D and innovation. Over 20-year experience on 3D graphics design and manufacture, Leadtek has striven for computer and communication products markets, which is divided into 3 Business Units: Computer Multimedia, Wireless Communication and Audio/ Video Communication, covering product lines with 3D graphics, workstation graphics, TV tuners, GPS, TeleCare, VideoPhone, and Video Surveillance and so on. To satisfy with more needs, Leadtek will continue to stir the market's imagination, turning new dreams into digital reality with ever more original hi-tech products forged in its laboratories of cutting edge technology. More information, please visit

About Teradici

Teradici Corporation has developed a unique technology, called PC-over-IP, which makes network delivered computing a viable corporate computing reality. Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Burnaby, BC, Canada, Teradici for the first time enables an exceptional end user experience for datacenter-based computing. Through a combination of unique graphics algorithms and high-performance silicon processing, the company is changing how personal computers are used, deployed and managed. More information is available at

PC-over-IP is a registered trademark of Teradici Corporation.