Publish Date : 2008/08/04

Leadtek TV Cards Technical Support in Russia

Taipei, Taiwan, August 4th, 2008

Leadtek Research Inc., a world leading manufacturer of original multimedia products bringing users the best of PCTV solutions, today announced the opening of its technical support team in Russia for the WinFast TV tuner series, which will provide the prompt local assistance directly for users and retailers.

Stepping into the new PCTV era means users are easily able to expand PC applications to view and record TV program anywhere at anytime. And Leadtek is ready with a complete series of WinFast TV tuner products on offer to users. These include the TV card with either PCI or PCI Express interface, USB2.0 TV box, and Express card for laptop to meet different customer demands.

Also, bundled with the exclusive WinFast PVR2 software are an array of useful functions such as Live Broadcasting, Scheduled Recording, Time Shifting and TwinView to empower your PC and laptop as much more than just a video recorder.

To provide comprehensive and overall product service, the Leadtek TV tuner technical support team will be dedicated to serve Russian customers and retailers with any technical problems that require prompt local assistance. For all inquiries before or after purchase, and questions about setup and operation, dial +7 927 7215046 for the TV tuners technical support hotline. You can also reach the support team in an easy way at

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Tel: +7 927 7215046