Publish Date : 2008/11/07

LEADTEK & NVIDIA all set to present Quadro optimized workstation performance at Siggraph Asia 2008

Taipei, Taiwan, November 07th, 2008 - LEADTEK Research Inc., internationally acclaimed total multimedia solution provider, and NVIDIA Corporation, the world leader in visual computing technologies and inventor of the GPU, proudly announce their joint participation in the first ACM SIGGRAPH Conference and Exhibition in Asia, from December 10th to 13th in the Suntec Singapore international convention & exhibition centre, Singapore.

SIGGRAPH Asia is the first time this historic, and traditionally US based, professional computer graphics & interactive technology exhibition has been held on the Asian continent - a great opportunity for all Asian graphics hardware and software manufactures and providers to introduce to the market their latest products and concepts. LEADTEK & NVIDIA will demonstrate the extreme visual computing capabilities of Quadro for workstation users at the show this year.

To allow attendees to experience Quadro's best ever visual effects in the LEATEK & NVIDIA booth “I01” at SIGGRAPH Asia, the two companies have come up with an even more confident and comprehensive concept: “Built for Professionals — Behind Every Successful Design, there's a Quadro”

LEADTEK & NVIDIA offer a lineup of new Quadro cards with a variety of cutting edge applications that can enrich the quality of workstation users' designs. These include an all new NVIDIA Quadro Ultra-High-End solution with advanced in GPU architecture; the solution offer an amazing boost to the work of designers, engineers, and other technical visual professionals.

Also, with the intention of bringing more benefits and convenience to the most popular professional software, NVIDIA Quadro offers the special graphics cards for AutoCAD & Adobe, the benefits and performance these solutions can create is just beyond imagination.

LEADTEK & NVIDIA perfectly combine live demonstrations with the “Built-For-Professionals” concept (BFP). The BFP concept aims at delivering NVIDIA® Quadro® professional GPUs whereby graphic designers are able to obtain an improved and more efficient 3D performance than with standard graphic cards. The biggest advantage is being able to easily boost the performance of 3D design software and create more accurate product designs without sacrificing visual quality.

LEADTEK & NVIDIA have lined up several great live demonstrations that include a real-time graphics rendering with famous real-time software on a 4 52'' LCD TV wall, attendees can easily see the high quality rendered picture on TVs. Also, another demonstration that compares Quadro's smooth rendering process with the performance of standard consumer graphics.

In another first at Siggraph Asia this year, LEADTEK and TERADICI collaborate in the demonstration of the innovative PC-over-IP® technology. PC-over-IP technology is an advanced platform for delivering a true desktop experience to workstation users from a centralized host PC and across standard IP networks.

LEADTEK WinFast VP200 uses PC-over-IP technology which includes a centralized Host Card and a desktop Portal connected over an enterprise IP network. LEADTEK WinFast VP200 with PC-over-IP technology not only addresses the many issues with existing software-based desktop remoting technologies, but also assures that users are able to operate any graphics interface and any USB peripheral device securely over a standard IP network. A demonstration of this with Quadro at the Leadtek, NVIDIA booth, will reveal its powerful workstation capability.

As for CUDA, the recently hottest topic among professional graphics design industries, LEADTEK & NVIDIA not only provide the detailed illustrations but have also prepared a number of live videos featuring lectures by famous academics. This roundup will give attendees a better understanding of CUDA, a real cutting edge technology.

LEADTEK & NVIDIA are confident that this time round at Siggraph Asia, visitors will truly discover and experience the true meaning of BFP, and the incredible qualities of Quadro. LEADTEK & NVIDIA have also prepared many activities to celebrate this first edition of Siggraph Asia. During the exhibition, there'll be a series of Super Lucky Draws for visitors with some great prizes in the offing.

A sincere and warm welcome awaits you at the LEADTEK & NVIDIA booth # I01 at Siggraph Asia 2008.