Publish Date : 2008/11/14

Statement to the Untrue Internet Rumor “Leadtek Fires 450 in Taiwan”

With its strong and health operation, Leadtek does not fire 450 employees as rumor said. The partnership of Leadtek and NVIDIA remains solid, as Leadtek is still the exclusive partner of NVIDIA Quadro series in Asia-Pacific (except in Japan).

Taipei, Taiwan, November 14th, 2008 –

To clarify the false internet rumor, “…Leadtek, recently fired 450 people from its operation…Leadtek was not in NVIDIA's top six list and this might be the partial reason….”, we have to state some facts here :

1. With 378 employees at the moment, Leadtek is in a good and strong condition, no future down-sizing plan ongoing.

2. Leadtek NVIDIA Quadro series is No.1 in Asia-Pacific, and NVIDIA has stated that Leadtek is still its direct account and the exclusive distributors of NVIDIA Quadro series in Asia-Pacific region (except in Japan).

The rumor of firing 450 people and the loosing partnership with NVIDIA is apparently false and exaggerating. To learn about the correct coming news and products, please go to