Publish Date : 2009/11/09

Leadtek Graphics cards and TV tuner products fully certified for Microsoft Windows 7

Taipei, Taiwan, Nov 9, 2009-Leadtek, a world leader in the multimedia solutions arena is pleased to announce that its award winning WinFast series TV tuner products are now fully certified and compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 Media Center platform.

Leadtek tuners seamlessly integrate PCTV entertainment in your living room making for the enjoyment of high-quality TV under Windows 7 “My TV" or the all new WinFast PVR2 application.

WinFast PVR2 supports the new feature -DXVA 2.0 (DirectX Video Acceleration) and can transfer the video decoding related tasks from CPU to GPU.

And with -DXVA 2.0 your CPU has more resources for other applications while you view HDTV programs. With Leadtek's Remote control, there's also more facile command of WinFast PVR2 transforming PC/NB into a fully functional media center.

To provide the best quality product to customers, Leadtek works closely with business partners such as Microsoft. It develops graphics cards and TV tuner products that conform to Microsoft's standards for Windows 7 compliance to provide users with the best possible viewing experience.

For boosting PC & graphics application performance, Microsoft DirectCompute is introduced along with the launch of Windows 7.

DirectCompute is a new graphics computing application programming interface (API) that takes advantage of the massively parallel processing power of a modern graphics processing unit (GPU) and runs on NVIDIA's current CUDA architecture under Windows 7.

NVIDIA GPUs with DirectCompute can leverage the massive parallel computing approach to transfer the graphics related tasks from CPU to GPU that will not only boost the speed of the system processor, but also hugely enhance the performance of graphics processing and digital media applications.

Leadtek WinFast graphics cards featuring NVIDIA GeForce 8, 9, and G200 series GPUs fully support DirectCompute so that end users can experience its power and the optimized performance of visual graphics.

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