Publish Date : 2010/07/29

Leadtek Announces Reseller Agreement with CAPS

Taipei, Taiwan, July 29, 2010 –Leadtek Research Inc., known globally for extreme visual graphics technology development, is pleased to announce the cooperation with CAPS to be its reseller in China, ensuring Leadtek customers to enjoy the best GPU computing experience possible. Leadtek extends its offering with the distribution of HMPP™ (Heterogeneous Multicore Parallel Programming) and related services. CAPS offers services and consult supported by specialists.

CAPS provides end users of such systems with a breakthrough technology enabling to port legacy applications onto hybrid systems in a record time. An efficient and portable hybrid application is automatically produced from the source code of the application, annotated with directives or programs. HMPP™ enables application developers to reduce the development time required for accelerating legacy code by taking advantage of the massively parallel CUDA architecture of NVIDIA's GPUs.

Living up to its reputation for reliability, quality and performance based on unrelenting R&D, Leadtek mission is to integrate high-end computing solution and bring the best platform to independent software suppliers. Based on the present mature channel system Leadtek would continue to develop and plow industries customers deeply. Consequently the key challenge confusing enterprises in HPC fields will get completed, which is how to increase the developing efficiency and performance. From a macro perspective, it is bound to raise the technology level to such an extent on an industry scale in China.

The value resulting from this powerful cooperation will be out of expectation, bringing an innovative and leading edge technology to end users. CAPS expands into Asia Pacific with the opening of new offices in Shanghai. This new local presence in China will enable CAPS to provide clients with local market expertise and to strengthen ties with its reseller network throughout the Asia market.

"This partnership with a global player like Leadtek is one important step in our internationalization strategy”, declares Benoît Raoult, CAPS APAC VP and General Manager. “It contributes to CAPS willing to ease and secure manycore computing adoption among the industry. This worldwide strategy will be adapted locally by Leadtek and its network among China ensuring great customer experiences." “This agreement gives us the opportunity to bring into play both of advantages in hardware and applications”, declares Bor Tsang, Leadtek (Shanghai) COO& General Manager, “CAPS Software solutions fully complement the tools and services Leadtek provides. Not only will the enterprises, but also our customers benefit from this new technology and solution”.

About Leadtek Research Inc.
Founded in 1986, Leadtek Research Inc. is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan with overseas subsidiaries in China and Japan. Leadtek focuses on the design and manufacture of 3D graphics, PCTV solutions, GPS modules and navigation devices, Bluetooth-enabled products, Multimedia and Audio/Video Communications and Bio-technology. Living up to its reputation for reliability, quality and performance based on unrelenting R&D, Leadtek continues to stir the market's imagination, turning new dreams into digital reality with increasingly original high-tech products forged in its laboratories of cutting-edge technology.

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About CAPS
CAPS is a major supplier of solutions dedicated to application deployment on manycore processors with a focus on GPUs. CAPS develops HMPP™ (Heterogeneous Multicore Parallel Programming), a hybrid compiler that gives developers an easy access to manycore systems and offers services ranging from manycore parallel programming trainings to complete application porting and expertise.
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