Publish Date : 2005/09/28

Award-winning graphics- WinFast PX7800 GTX



Award-winning graphics- WinFast PX7800 GTX

Leadtek is always the best. Our effort was proven again. WinFastPX7800GTX won many awards from worldwide media reviews. Base on Nvidia new generation GeForece7800 GTX GPU, WinFastPX7800 GTX support power of 3-SLI, HDR, Shader model3.0. In addition, unique designed cooling system, full functional output, the best quality components, hottest and popular software bundled, unmatched performance and overclocking capacity are all the reasons why WinFastPX7800 GTX can win so many awards from media. Leadtek always brings value to you. Choose Leadtek is your best and only choice.

Award Media Country
K-Hardware Germany
Custom PC UK
Bravo Germany
Tweak PC Germany
PlanetAMD64 USA
3DNEWS Russia
GameStar Germany
Quick PC Thailand
HWM Malaysia