Publish Date : 2004/11/16

The NVIDIA Quadro® FX 4000 by Leadtek Shatters the Performance Limits of Workstation Graphics

Taipei, Taiwan, November 16, 2004 —Leadtek Research Inc., the exclusive workstation partner of NVIDIA in Asia except in Japan, introduced the NVIDIA Quadro® FX 4000, a professional graphics solution that sets a new bar for workstation graphics, shattering the limits of performance, programmability, precision, and quality. FX 4000 ultra-high end GPU supports up to two dual link DVI display connectors and one 3-pin stereo connector, and features 256 MB of DDR3 memory. Implementation of rotated-grid FSAA introduces far greater sophistication in the multi-sampling pattern, significantly increasing color accuracy and the visual quality of edges and lines without compromising performance.

NVIDIA Quadro FX 4000 is fully certified for all professional workstation applications, and is ideal for the CAD (computer-aided design), CAE (computer-aided engineering), DCC (digital content creation), visualization, and corporate markets.

“Designers need their work to be as realistic as possible as early in the design stage as possible,” said Jean-Luc Cuinier, R&D manager at Dassault Systèmes. “CATIA® V5 accelerated by NVIDIA Quadro FX graphics allows designers to create and interact with complex 3D models with ultra-realistic material aspects in real time. New NVIDIA Quadro FX 4000 capabilities like extended programmability, infinite program lengths, and 32-bit shader precision promise to further increase CATIA user productivity and design quality.”

“Professionals using Adobe software can now take full advantage of breakthrough computer graphics hardware to drive stunning 3D animations,' said David Trescot, senior director of digital video products at Adobe. “The NVIDIA Quadro FX 4000 drives great new features in the Adobe Video Collection like Premiere Pro's GPU Effects and After Effect's real-time, high-quality 3D compositing.”

“The NVIDIA Quadro FX 4000 combines complete floating point performance, extended programmability, and high-precision dynamic range technology allowing mental ray® customers, for the first time, to leverage the GPU for dramatically accelerated photorealistic rendering of complex visual effects,” said Rolf Herken, CEO and CTO of mental images. “To take full advantage of key new features of the just-released version 3.3 of mental ray, we recommend the NVIDIA Quadro FX 4000 as the graphics platform of choice.”

“The leading-edge technologies in the NVIDIA Quadro FX 4000 will allow the company's traditional CAD, DCC, and scientific visualization customers to further push the envelope for creating the next breakthrough in design, animation, and research,” said Sarang Ghatpande, senior analyst at DH Brown. “The product also bodes well for the newer high-end markets of energy and medical looking for a cost-effective, multiplatform architecture — ensuring NVIDIA's leading position in those markets.”

“With the performance that we've seen, Alias is very excited about the radically new graphics architecture within the NVIDIA Quadro FX 4000,” said, senior Maya product marketing manager at Alias. “With the introduction of many exciting new technologies, we anticipate professionals using Maya will be able to take digital artwork created for movies and games to significantly higher levels of realism.”

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