Publish Date : 2009/03/03

Leadtek launches WinFast® GTS 250 - Special cooling design provides GPU a best heatproof operating environment

Taipei, Taiwan, March 3rd, 2009—LEADTEK Research Inc., world acclaimed for its extremevisual graphics leading brand technology, proudly announces the WinFast GTS 250, a new performance level graphics card. Based on the Best-in-class NVIDIA graphics development technology, this graphics card comes with high-speed 1024MB 256bit GDDR3 memory providing ultra smooth 3D rendering and a more realistic gaming presentation. The WinFast GTS 250 also features a special cooling design “shield fan-sink”. This specially designed 2-slots fan-sink can efficiently reduces heat from GPU by creating smooth air flows on the top and side of the processor. Moreover, this fan-sink can maintain a low fan-sink noise level especially in full-throttle operating mode. All these features ensure that the WinFast GTS 250 delivers users a great performance and gaming experience.

Powered up with the 2nd Generation NVIDIA Unified Architecture, the WinFast GTS 250 enables the rendering of multiple, true-to-life characters in complex and dynamic virtual worlds. Supporting the latest parallel computing architecture with massive independent processing cores, the WinFast GTS 250 is empowered to execute the most intricate non-gaming applications via CUDA language. These include accelerating the art design application, science simulation application or transcoding of video to a personal video player up to 7X faster than the CPU. The NVIDIA PhysX technology opens up a new era of dynamic gaming interaction with hugely destructible environments and ultra-realistic physical performance.

Model WinFast® GTS 250 512MB WinFast® GTS 250 124MB
Graphic Bus PCI Express 2.0 PCI Express 2.0
GPU NVIDIA® GeForce® GTS 250 NVIDIA® GeForce® GTS 250
GPU Clock 738 MHz 738 MHz
Memory Size 512MB GDDR3 1024MB GDDR3
Memory Interface 256bit 256bit
RAMDACs 400 MHz 400 MHz
Stream Processors 128 128
DirectX® Support DirectX® 10, OpenGL2.1 Shader Model 4.0 DirectX® 10, OpenGL2.1 Shader Model 4.0
Connect Interface Dual Dual-Link DVI, HDTV Dual Dual-Link DVI, HDTV