Publish Date : 2009/11/19

Leadtek announces WinFast PxVC1100 bundled with CRI Dual-CS Coder for Adobe Premiere Pro CS3/CS4 plug–in, and releases Windows/Linux SDK for SpursEngine

Taipei, Taiwan, Nov 19, 2009-Leadtek, a world leader in the multimedia solutions arena is pleased to announce the launch of its brand-new generation of MPEG4-AVC/H.264 trans-coding card - WinFast® PxVC1100.

The new card has aboard Toshiba®'s High-Performance Stream Processor, SpursEngine™*1 Synergistic Processing Elements (SPE)*2 cores based on the "Cell Broadband Engine™*3” intelligence power protection, a one-slot adaptive cooling FANsink, and PCI-Express Low Profile form factor.

For extensive video editing and video conversion users, Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 / CS4 are the most powerful and best known video conversion tool. This packaged bundle comes laden with CRI Dual-CS Coder™ plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 / CS4 and Elements 7, developed by CRI Middleware Co., Ltd. The CDC plug-in allows Adobe users to experience incredible video conversion performance through Leadtek PxVC1100 hardware acceleration.

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the most professional video editing and conversion tool today. Thanks to its friendly user interface and powerful function Adobe Premiere Pro has become an irreplaceable tool.

CRI Dual-CS Coder plug-in has been developed for Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 / CS4 and Elements 7. The combination of Adobe Premiere Pro with Leadtek WinFast® PxVC1100 offers Adobe users a new MPEG4-AVC/H.264 option through TOSHIBA SpursEngine Multi SPE core. The latter speeds up conversion process, shortens downtime and maximizes working capacity.

CRI Dual-CS Coder was developed by using the advantage of TOSHIBA SpursEngine™ chip; the video encoding is processed by SpursEngine™ and it can drastically shorten the process time during High Definition video conversion - by as short as 70% -.

By using this plug-in, users can control encoder circuits included in the SpursEngine™ and experience incredible output processing speed, even with high CPU power demanding tasks such as high-definition video processing.

Based on powerful parallel coding capabilities of SpursEngineTM provided by SDK under Microsoft® Windows and Linux OS, users are able to extend its core application from basic visual effects to the advanced system development in many professional fields.

These fields include multiprocessor operating, data mining, parallel coding, multimedia produce, medical application, communication and monitor system operation, financial engineering management, high-speed calculation, and optimized data analysis – and in many disciplines such as science, material science, medicine, architecture and construction.

The SDK enables users to create their own customized software with lots of useful bundled programs. WinFast® PxVC1100 can carry the powerful enhancement in a Windows or Linux environment.

SDK can be downloaded for free at

If you're ready for the wonderful world of the SpursEngineTM SDK then this is the ideal time to join thousands of others who are already following the heart throbbing trend of Leadtek®'s WinFast® PxVC1100.

*1 SpursEngine™ SE1000:a Toshiba Quad Core HD Processorbased on Cell Broadband Engine™.
*2 Synergistic Processor Element (SPE): This is a processor core with a high performance floating point computation capability and original instruction set architecture for optimized processing of multiple media applications.
*3 Cell Broadband Engine™ (Cell/B.E.™) :The revolutionary Cell/B.E., jointly developed by IBM, Sony Group and Toshiba, is a breakthrough design featuring a central processing core based on IBM's Power Architecture technology and eight synergistic processing elements (SPE). Cell/B.E. brings an unseen level of broadband processing power to digital products.”

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