Publish Date : 2010/04/02

Leadtek brings WinFast® Killer™ Xeno™ Pro gaming network cards to online gamers

Taipei, Taiwan, April 2, 2010 -Leadtek Research Inc., known globally for its extreme visual graphics technology development, today revealed the latest WinFast® Killer™ Xeno™ Pro, the only network card designed to provide smoother, more responsive online game play. Leadtek will distribute the WinFast® Killer™ Xeno™ Pro through online and retail channels in Taiwan, Korea and Japan, improving the competitiveness of millions of online gamers.

The WinFast® Killer™ Xeno™ Pro gaming network card delivers superior online performance by putting intelligent networking technology inside gamers' PCs. Its dedicated Network Processing Unit (NPU) and innovative architecture offload network traffic, bypassing the Microsoft Windows networking stack and prioritizing competing bandwidth demands from applications such as Web browsing, music streaming, software downloads and voice chat. Its Game Detect™ technology identifies, prioritizes and accelerates game traffic, giving players a competitive edge in the latest online games, from shooters to MMOs. Intelligent Bandwidth Control keeps the game running smoothly and lets you allocate bandwidth to other applications so you can do more while you game.

Demand for the WinFast® Killer™ Xeno™ Pro has been fueled by continued growth in the worldwide video game market. “The WinFast® Killer™ Xeno™ Pro appeals to gamers at every level of expertise and all players benefit from its plug-and-play installation, which gets them into the game with minimum downtime. Competitive gamers appreciate the ability to adjust performance using Intelligent Bandwidth Control. We anticipate strong demand for this powerful and innovative networking technology,” said K.S. Lu, CEO of Leadtek.

Online gamers depend on their network connection. Their network card shouldn't be an afterthought. Lab tests show that the WinFast® Killer™ Xeno™ Pro significantly accelerates online games, giving players a crucial advantage in today's demanding online gaming environments. For more information, please visit our website -END-

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