Publish Date : 2010/09/21

Leadtek earns world first VDI Solution VMware ViewTM 4.5 Certification with its PC-over-IP® Solution

Taipei, Taiwan, Sep 21, 2010-Leadtek Research Inc., known globally for extreme Cloud Computing technology development, is pleased to announce that its Zero Client Product WinFast® VP200 P has earned VMware ViewTM 4.5 Certification with its outstanding VDI protocol PCoIP® solution and was listed on the VMware® Thin Client HCL list officially on Sept. 20, 2010. The WinFast VP200 P features secure remote access with hardware-based encryption, consuming less network bandwidth, lowering IT maintenance costs and saving electricity under the VMware VDI working environment. It is now VMware View 4.5 certified to offer a superior user experience and maximum Return on Investment (ROI) to enterprises deploying virtualized desktops with VMware View.

The VMware View 4.5 improves user experience with enhancements to optimize delivery of virtual desktops to the end-user on the Local Area Network and across the WAN. VMware View 4.5 continues to improve end-user experience and to expand to address new use cases. Enhancements to the PCoIP display protocol in the VMware View 4.5 release include expanded support for authentication mechanisms, improvements to zero client capabilities and optimized interaction for end-users over wide area links. The VP200 P with the firmware release 3.2.0 also adds some new features for the VMware View 4.5, such as:

  • Added support for analog audio input in PCoIP connections between VP200 P and a PCoIP server installed with VMware View 4.5. (* Note: an audio driver in the virtual desktop is required.)
  • Added support for pre-session secure user authentication via smart card (CAC only).
  • Added support for configuring VP200 P to operate in Kiosk Mode. In this mode, the zero clients automatically log in to a configured VMware View PCoIP server.

This certification indicates that VP200 P has passed the VMware Hardware Certification Program testing for use with VMware View 4.5 and is included on the VMware Hardware Compatibility Guide, ensuring Leadtek's customers enjoy the best VMware View experience. It also strengthens the VMware and Leadtek relationship and signifies the importance of integrating VMware's technologies to maximize the benefits of virtualized desktops for customers. Leadtek is thrilled to put the VMware Ready™ Certified logo on WinFast VP200 P to help customers identify trusted, production-ready solutions. This combined solution will help enable centralized management, increased security and reduced TCO. For more information, please visit our website at

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