Publish Date : 2006/03/22

WinFast PX7600 GS TDH

Taipei, March 22th, 2006--Leadtek Research Inc, a world leader in extreme visual graphics technology development, today announced the debut of WinFast PX7600 GS TDH yet another sizzling new generation Graphics card in the performance segment for gaming and dazzling high definition video quality.

WinFast PX7600 GS TDH is powered by the latest versionof NVIDIA's GeForce 7600 GS GPU with a DDR2 memory interface and built for Windows Vista™ - Microsoft's next generation operating system (OS) - to providebone chilling thrill when running the Windows Vista 3D graphical user interface. And withDirectX® 9.0c Shader Model 3.0 and high dynamic-range (HDR) lighting all the latest gaming effects come to life like never before.

It also supports second - generation NVIDIA SLI™ technology allowing users to combine the power of two GPUs in a single PC system for maximum frame rates and 3D rendering quality. It all adds up to ultra high-quality settings in even the most demanding games.

What's more, the WinFast PX7600 GS TDH boasts an HDTV-output supporting analog TV-output up to a resolution of 1080i. Now you can simply connect your PC to a high definition TV for ‘direct-to-TV' playback with spellbinding home theater video quality. There's also an integrated dual-link DVI-I port to support digital displays of up to 2560x1600 on a single 30-inch Cinema HD Display.

WinFast PX7600 GS TDH offers the choice of two cooling systems. One of these is Leadtek's unique fan cooling system with a noise level below 30dB. The other a noiseless heat pipe cooling system. Either way, you are assured of the most silent and effective cooling..

And for the cherry on the top WinFast PX7600 GS TDH bundles with Serious Sam II and Trackmania: Nations -special version – the official game of ESWC2006 that dishes out 20 bonus tracks and enhanced customized configuration exclusively for Leadtek users.

GPU NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS
Graphics Bus PCI Express
Memory size 256MB DDR2
GPU/Memory clock 400/800MHz
Memory Interface 128-bit
Memory bandwidth( GB/sec.) 12.8
Fill Rate(billion texels/sec) 4.8
Vertices/sec (million) 500
Pixels per clock (peak) 12
RAMDACs (MHz) 400
Connectors HDTV-out / Dual link DVI-I/ Single link DVI-I
Multi-Display Yes