Publish Date : 2013/03/18

Leadtek WinFast Workstation-Optimize Computing Power Anywhere

With NVIDIA's GPU Technology Conference (3/18-21) kicks off in San Jose today, Leadtek Research Inc. (booth: 400) showcases its latest WinFast® workstation solution powered by NVIDIA® Maximus™ technology and the most state-of-the-art NVIDIA GRID™ K1 acceleration at the cloud computing to demonstrate applications of powerful GPU computing in virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and medical imaging, rendering image processing ubiquitous in the cloud environment. GTC has gathered professionals and experts together from over 40 nations around the world with the common goal of achieving better understanding of GPU acceleration's powerful capabilities in applications such as scientific research, computer graphics, cloud graphics, game development, and mobile computing.

In addition to the offering of its existing professional graphic cards, LEADTEK expands its business scope into the high performance graphic computing system by launching its brand of WinFast WS workstation. Featuring NVIDIA Maximus technology and the company's profound experience in video graphic card manufacturing, WinFast WS workstation is designed for multi-dimensional integration with LEADTEK's Thin Client/Zero Client to become an application for remote graphics workstation and VDI in a centralized deployment. It allows administrators to ensure data security while lowering the investments required for hardware. With NVIDIA GRID™ technology, the workload for VDI graphics processing can be transferred from the CPU to GPU so that users will experience enriched graphic experiences with all key applications and programs, including those that require 3D processing, everywhere.

At GTC, LEADTEK will also demonstrate the application of GPU 3D image processing in the fields of medical diagnostics. Integrated with medical imaging software and platforms, LEADTEK's WinFast WS workstation allows various handheld devices such as tablet PCs, iPads, smartphones and so forth to access scanned images (DICOM format compatible) anytime, anywhere. This would enable precise and real-time communication between doctors and patients and render joint-diagnostics and medical care across regions during emergencies more viable.

WinFast WS workstations come in various hardware specifications for true versatility and offer great scalability for different professional applications and sophisticated operations. LEADTEK will launch different WinFast WS workstation offerings for entry-level and high-end models to accommodate applications for auto-manufacturing, 3D animation, medical industry, and so forth. The new workstations will comply with NVIDIA's Maximum technology based on NVIDIA® ‘s next-gen Kepler architecture. Visit for more details.


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