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Publish Date : 2022/03/23

Leadtek Brings Medical-Grade NVIDIA Clara Holoscan MGX Platform to Medical Devices

The medical device industry demands a new computing paradigm to meet the need for more precise health diagnostics, next-generation clinics, enhanced quality of imaging, and breakthroughs in biomedical research to treat disease. Leadtek announced that it will use the NVIDIA ClaraHoloscan MGX platform to bring the power of artificial intelligence to the future of medical devices.

NVIDIA Clara Holoscan MGX is a new medical-grade AI computing platform that combines tightly integrated hardware and software for real-time data processing to deliver AI at scale for the medical device industry.

AI platform for healthcare and medical applications

The Clara Holoscan MGX platform is based on the NVIDIA Orin module to deliver 250 AI TOPS and scale to over 600 AI TOPS with an NVIDIA RTX A6000 GPU. NVIDIA ConnectX7 delivers streaming I/O with up to 200 GbE and GPUDirect RDMA for ultra-low-latency processing. The Clara Holoscan MGX software stack will be commercially available from NVIDIA and consist of a Yocto Linux OS, I/O Drivers, and NVIDIA acceleration libraries. To meet the needs of the medical device industry, the Clara Holoscan MGX software will come standard with long-term whole-stack support for 10 years, as well as long-term sales and support for the NVIDIA-supplied hardware components.

The Clara Holoscan MGX is designed to meet the needs of healthcare and medical applications that require high-bandwidth I/O, real-time high-performance computing, AI inference, visualization, and advanced graphics. This includes but is not limited to: surgical video applications (e.g., endoscopy, laparoscopy, arthroscopy), surgical robotics, surgical microscopy, ultrasound, X-ray fluoroscopy, radiation therapy, interventional imaging and treatment systems.

Leadtek expects that NVIDIA Clara Holoscan MGX will be the platform of choice for real-time edge AI computing for healthcare and medical applications.

  • Supporting the typical long lifetime of medical devices
  • Reducing the need for regular costly cycles of SW/HW update
  • Reducing the edge AI medical device development problem to a software-defined problem
  • Accelerating innovation by reducing development time and lowering software maintenance cost

By advancing product development and AI research, Leadtek will assist enterprises to enter a new generation of medical devices to connect with the world and provide more visualization and advanced graphics solutions for medical applications.