Publish Date : 2007/03/05

WinFast, Supporting Windows® Vista™ to Expand Enjoyment of TV Entertainment!

Taipei, Taiwan, March 5th, 2007: Leadtek Research Inc, a world leader in multimedia technology development, today announced that both its WinFast digital series and WinFast analog series support the Windows® Vista™ system* and are capable of both performing and expanding the spectacular functions of this latest operating system from Microsoft.

As the leading TV tuner manufacturer with a complete product line supporting the Windows® Vista™, the question of how to satisfy a user's different demands is always a big issue for Leadtek Research Inc. For this reason the WinFast digital and analog series offer different levels of TV cards and TV boxes to meet each user's requirements.

With its exclusive 3D Y/C separator and 3D NR (Noise Reduction) technology, WinFast PVR3000 Deluxe, a full-function TV, FM and Video capture card and Hardware MPEG-2 encoder can enable a PC perform as a great LCD TV. With WinFast series product users can easily enjoy either digital TV or analog TV or both on their Vista PC and experience an unforgettable visual experience.

Even more, the amazing bundled WinFast PVR2 application software provides the user with the friendliest user interface and most handy functions. M.V.P. mode (Multiple Video Processing mode) enables two TV devices and four channel program processing simultaneously. Scheduled Power-up Recording helps the user to schedule TV or FM recordings anytime in Standby/Hibernate (S3/S4) mode. So no more noise and less power spent on recording. Other useful functions, such as Time-shifting, DirectBurn, De-interlacing, etc., also enrich the TV viewing moment and bring loads of fun to every viewer.

*The application is subject to the series of products and the version of Windows® Vista™. For more details, please visit Leadtek's website.