Publish Date : 2007/04/18

All the Power and Performance You Ever Dreamt Of - The New Leadtek WinFast PX8600 GTS/ PX8600 GT/ PX8500 GT

Taipei, Taiwan, April 17th, 2007-- Leadtek Research Inc., known globally for extreme visual graphics technology development, takes pride in announcing the launch of a new series of mid range among high-level graphics cards that include the WinFast® PX8600 GTS, PX8600 GT and PX8500 GT. These mid range cards are comparable in performance to the high end WinFast® PX8800 series in delivering an incredible true-to-life gaming experience for gaming enthusiasts but at a lower price than the WinFast® PX 7 series.

PX8600GT Extreme

Powered by NVIDIA® GeForce® 8600 GTS, 8600 GT and 8500 GT graphics processing units, WinFast® PX8600 GTS, PX8600 GT and PX8500 GT come with 256MB 128bit memory enabling rapid frame rates in performance. In addition, built for the latest operating system from Microsoft - the Windows Vista™, WinFast® the PX8600 GTS, PX8600 GT and PX8500 GTensure thebest possible performance when running the Windows Vista™ 3D graphical user interface.


Considering key feature differences in the WinFast® PX 7 series there is no dying that WinFast® PX8600 GTS, PX8600 GT and PX8500 GT take perfect advantage of NVIDIA® PureVideo™ HD technology. This means a combination of high-definition video decoding acceleration and post-processing for unprecedented picture clarity, smooth video, accurate color, and precise image scaling for movies and videos.


Furthermore, with the current top hot Microsoft® DirectX® 10 with full Shader Model 4.0 support the PX8800 series together with WinFast® PX8600 GTS, PX8600 GT and PX8500 GT deliver unparalleled levels of graphics realism and film-quality effects. Meanwhile, with a revolutionary unified architecture, the fully-unified shader core dynamically allocates processing power to geometry, vertex, physics, or pixel shading operations, redefining a great deal of gaming performance of prior generation graphics processing units (GPUs) for WinFast PX8600 and PX8500 series.

What's more, bundled with a new award-winning game 「Joint.Task.Force」 (JTF), that has evolved into a game of modern military strategy to solve world crises, WinFast® PX8600 GTS, PX8600 GT and PX8500 GT give users an even more stunning and vicarious gaming experience. And not to forget that the 3DMark06 of WinFast® PX8500 GT with a core clock of 490 MHz has scored up to 13%, higher than GeForce 8500 GT to display superb picture quality and ultra-smooth images in movies and games with lightning execution.

All in all, WinFast® PX8600 GTS, PX8600 GT and PX8500 GT powerfully enhance the capabilities of the WinFast® PX7 series but at a far more competitive on price than that of the WinFast® PX8800 series. What more can any gaming enthusiast expect?

Specifications & Features:
Model PX8600 GTS TDH Extreme PX8600 GTS TDH PX8600 GT TDH Extreme PX8600 GT TDH(Fan) PX8500 GT TDH(Fan)
Graphic Bus PCI-Express
GPU NVIDIA R GeForce 8600 GTS NVIDIA R GeForce 8600 GT NVIDIAR GeForce 8500 GT
GPU/Memory Clock 710/1000 675/1000 590/900 540/700 490/400
Memory Data Rate 2000 MHz 2000 MHz 1800 MHz 1400 MHz 800 MHz
Memory Size 256MB GDDR3 256MB GDDR2
Memory Interface 128 bit
Stream Processors 32 16
DirectX® Support DirectX® 10.0 Shader Model 4.0
Bundled Game Serious Sam II, JTF JTF
Output Dual Dual-Link DVI (HDCP support), HDTV Dual Dual-link DVI-I, HDTV Dual-Link DVI, D-Sub, HDTV