Publish Date : 2005/05/18

Leadtek Unveils Head-mounted Display Xeye to Build a Personal Entertainment Chamber

Feeling the need for an undisturbed and private space for your audio and video entertainment requirement, but frowning upon the size and weight of a desktop monitor? Leadtek has got a solution. With Leadtek Head-mounted Display Xeye, you are essentially carrying a 50-inch large-screen personal cinema.

Leadtek has announced the head-mounted display, Xeye. Weighing merely 115 grams, Xeye is incredibly light and highly portable. Sleek and stylish design, specially-made silver gray body, and obsidian lens not only represent the unique taste but also wrap a high-tech core inside. Wearing the Xeye , sharp and true-to-life images are sent to the eyes. Besides, Xeye offers various adjustment features such as interpupillary distance, focus, and luminance, fully complying with ergonomics and personal preferences. Additionally, a complete input interface makes connecting peripherals easy as 1-2-3.

But there is more than that. Coupled with the supplied high-quality headphone, Xeye is able to faithfully reproduce the stunning audio and visual effects of the original material. Designed with human nature in mind, Xeye is built with Leadtek's technology that enables users to directly use it without wearing their eyeglasses, eliminating the hassles of putting them on and off. The exclusive power-saving technology also makes possible the ultra-low power consumption, 1.2 W. If used with the optional portable battery pack, Xeye is able to supply the power for six hours of use, enough for watching several movies.

Leadtek Head-mounted Display Xeye is excellent for a wide range of applications as follows:

  • TV Tuner: DVB-P/DVB-H Digital Satellite TV Receiver
  • DVD Player: Desktop/Portable DVD Player
  • MPEG-4 Player: Multifunctional personal audio and video player
  • TV Game Console: PS2/XBOX/Gamecube
  • CCD Camera: V8/DV camcorder/digital camera/security surveillance/
  • Any Composite or S-Video Signal: suitable for the apparatus with a video source in any medical/industrial/commercial area.

In addition to the glasses, the package also contains an Xeye signal control box, a DC 5V power adapter, a Miini A/V Cable, an S-Video Cable, an RCA to RCA connector, a user's manual, and an Xeye carrying pouch. Optional accessories including the ackpack and the long-lasting battery pack (with a charger) are also available for purchase. Get rid of the bulky and heavy monitor now and start your own private entertainment center. Leadtek Xeye is the way to go.