Publish Date : 2007/05/18

WinFast TV Infinity—Remote Wireless TV and Video Streaming Enjoyment at Home & Abroad

Taipei, Taiwan, May 18th, 2007: Leadtek ResearchInc. – one of the world's top graphics card makers has announced the launch of the WinFast TV Infinity-wireless streaming broadcast multimedia device. This stunning new entertainment device integrates PC TV multi-media time-shifting with network video and wireless technology.

TV Infinity enables streaming video content in MPEG-2 with DVD quality and gives the user highest display quality through local WiFi high bandwidth over 802.11g. And thanks to dynamic bit rate control from VBoost technology there is the added enjoyment of streaming MPEG-4 at the lowest bit rate of 128 bps and viewing TV programs anywhere in the world remotely through the internet.

But with TV Infinity there's more than just watching TV wirelessly on PC. There's Tivo, the Cable TV set top box, Satellite, DVD player Camcorder or any device with video output. Even more, the user can easily control and view video content over the internet or in any area covered by WiFi LAN. No need to ever miss an important game or favorite TV show again - no matter where your journey takes you. Its multicast function also allows multiple PCs and a single remote user to view video content simultaneously.

TV Infinity streams video wirelessly-without any wired connection to the router and setting up is as easy as 1,2,3. Simply connect to a TV signal source, plug in the TV Infinity power cable and Run the TV Infinity Setup wizard. Within minutes you're sharing Streaming TV wirelessly with the whole family.

Because TV Infinity uses the broadband bandwidth of 802.11g, streaming directly to PC at an average 8Mbps in MPEG-2 D1 with a full screen resolution of 720x480 pixels, the user is guarantee best broadcast DVD video quality on a PC screen. This is unmatched by any of the competition who only stream at 4Mbps.

Thanks to TV Infinity's PVR engine users are not only able to schedule, capture, organize and burn authorized video content to DVDs but also take advantage of full time-shifting functionality such as Pause and Fast Forward/Rewind of live content while recording a show. Fully compatible with Windows XP Media Center Edition (MCE) it can be used as a wireless tuner adding full multimedia capability to a PC and leveraging the electronic Program Guide (EPG) provided with MCE.

With TV Infinity users can continue to use their wireless network for all usual services such as web browsing, email, chats, printing and file transfer - and all this while watching high quality video wirelessly. And with a software update, it is soon going to be possible to use TV Infinity as an Independent Access Point for streaming video directly to PC clients.

Even in a complex environment that includes firewalls and legacy routers (non UPnP) TV Infinity's remote Viewing Connectivity engine permits seamless set up and with the "mirroring" feature simultaneous TV viewing on a PC by users at home or at a remote location is possible.

With the IR Blaster engine TV Infinity can in fact control most video devices automatically. If unable to identify a device, a special learning feature can be used to memorize and store the device's IR codes. The IR blaster along with the Remote Viewing engine also sets up a virtual remote control on the remote PC. This remote can control any device connected to the TV Infinity or set up recordings for the TiVo or the PC at home.