Publish Date : 2005/06/23

Introducing mind-blowing performance graphics

Leadtek Research, an innovative R&D company specialized in extreme visual graphics technology development, today announced the WinFast PX7800 GTX graphic card — the totally new PCI-Express graphics cards based on NVIDIA's new generation GeForceTM 7800GTX GPUs.WinFast PX7800 GTX delivers up to 2X the shading power compared to the last generation products and takes gaming performance to an extreme level.

WinFast PX7800 GTXcomes with 256MB DDR3 memory. It supports NVIDIA SLiTM Technology and other groundbreaking technologies such as Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0c Shader Model 3.0, and NVIDIA UltraShadow™ II Technology to deliver 4X the shadow processing power compared to the previous generation products, and accelerates the performance of shadow intensive games such as id™ Software's Doom III. In addition, WinFast PX7800 GTX supports new NVIDIA® CineFX™ 4.0 engine to deliver advanced visual effects at unimaginable speeds and new NVIDIA® Intellisample™ 4.0 technology to deliverthe most realistic gaming experience.

The WinFast PX7800 GTX graphic card also features NVIDIA PureVideo™ technology, a combination of hardware and software that brings consumer electronics-quality video to your personal computer. WinFast PX7800 GTX also supports HDTV-output that allows you to connect your PC to a high definition TV for direct-to-TV playback. To further enhance your cinematic gaming experience, Leadtek also developed an advanced cooling system with excellent cooling efficiency and keep the noise level under 30dB all the time.

Along with the super attractive feature set, the WinFast PX7800 GTX bundles two HOT games from UBISOFT - Splinter Cell® Chaos TheoryTM (the most fully featured stealth action game to date) and Prince of Persia: Warrior WithinTM, to fully unleash the potential of your PX7800GTX right out from the box.

To suit your video-editing needs, Leadtek also bundles with two most popular video-editing software from ULEAD, including the Video Studio 8, DVD Movie Factory 3 SE. Moreover, Leadtek also bundles the newest and hottest PowerDVD6.0 to make you have the NO.1 DVD experience on the PC.

    PX7800GTX key features
  • Next-generation superscalar GPU architecture
  • NVIDIA® CineFX™ 4.0 engine
  • 64-bit floating point texture filtering and blending
  • NVIDIA® SLI™ Ready
  • NVIDIA® Intellisample™ 4.0 technology
  • NVIDIA® PureVideo™ technology
  • NVIDIA® ForceWare™ Unified Driver Architecture (UDA)
  • NVIDIA® nView® multi-display technology
  • PCI Express support
  • Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0 Shader Model 3.0 support
  • OpenGL® 2.0 support
  • Designed for the Microsoft® “Longhorn” operation system.