Publish Date : 2007/09/14

Get Closer Every Moment - WinFast® iCAM200 MA & iCAM100 M

Taipei, Taiwan, September 14th, 2007-- With new age of Video & Audio in internet, Leadtek Research Inc., a world-leading graphics card and multi-media solution provider has announced the launch of its latest WebCam series – WinFast® iCAM200 MA & iCAM100 M.

Users can experience smooth, full motion 30fps digital video streams and top quality images with High Speed USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 connection. The iCAM series adopts a built-in high sensitive microphone and provides clear audio quality. The series also works with Skype™, Windows Live™ Messenger, Yahoo!® Messenger and support 26 sorts of frames and video effects on your web video instantly. Now you are able to enjoy the ‘easy-to-talk on-line' experience.

WinFast® iCAM 200MA provides true 1.3 Mega-Pixel High-Definition video and features low-noise CMOS imaging technology that achieves superior signal-to-noise ratio and low-light sensitivity. This all adds up to a more complete enjoyment web video clarity. With premium auto focus, it can keep your images razor-sharp, even in close-ups.

With the built-in snap shot button, a user can take a photo instantly. Moreover, WinFast® iCAM 200MA does not require any driver installation since it completely supports USB Video Class1.

WinFast® iCAM 100M provides dynamic 2.0 Mega-Pixel, static 5.0 Maga-Pixel and max resolution 2,560x2,048 (software enhanced). There are 6 LEDs built in for a low-light environment, automatically producing the best images possible, even in dim light.

Even more, the value added WinFast Mobile Video Express (WinFast® MoViE) pack comprised of a 3D Album, iPod & PSP Video Converter, and Orb makes it possible to carry and watch your favorite video on your iPod and PSP everywhere! And with the spectacular 3D album creator function, you are free to create an extraordinary personal 3D album and share it with others through your iPod and PSP! Streaming music, videos and live TV through any internet-connected device such as a mobile phone, PDA, laptop or any other computer has been made possible with the Orb application.

With the WinFast® iCAM series (users can download the exclusive Leadtek® Softphone from the Leadtek Website) you are able to upgrade your PC to a video phone and simple monitoring device. You can use this useful software to call your friends and see what's going on at home.

Indeed WinFast® iCAM200 MA & iCAM100 M are more, much more, than just WebCams – they could just become your total mobile entertainment and surveillance solution.


Product name WinFast® iCAM 100 M WinFast® iCAM 200 MA
Interface USB2.0 USB2.0
Sensor 1/5” CMOS Sensor 1/4” CMOS Sensor
Effective pixels 0.3 Mega Pixels (Software enhanced to 2 mega pixels) 1.3 Mega Pixels
Max. resolution 2560x2048 1280x1024
Max. frame rate 30ftps (640x480:30fps, 1280x1024: 15fps) 30ftps (640x480:30fps, 1280x1024: 15fps)
Snap shot button NA YES
Focus range 1 cm to infinity 1 cm to infinity
White balance Automatic Automatic
Auto exposure Automatic Automatic
Weight 90g (USB cable included) 77g (USB cable included)
Dimension 89(H)X40(W)X15(D)mm
(USB cable & rack excluded)
(USB cable excluded)